I fight my way through dust and dirt

This blackness binds me like a curse

When men see me, they crush my shell

While women scream, and run as well

I’m rather small, but the world can’t see

Anything else inside of me

They stay fixated on my skin

The blackness branded like a sin

Sometimes they might attempt a smile

And let me stay with them a while

But that’s not right. I don’t belong.

And, soon enough, they see it’s wrong.

That’s when I run — far, far away!

I hide in shadows from the light of day

I creep through cracks to find relief

Inside a house from summer’s heat

But then the children shout and cry

And I crawl fast away, and hide

And when they think I’ve gone, they say

They’ll find a way to make me pay

But I can’t stand this strain, these lies

So I curl up in the corner, and die.

This is the only life I see

It’s a millipede’s life, it is, for me


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