In the dead of night, when the light of day

Is a memory fainter than a candle’s flame,

The colours of the world turn fast to gray

And everything I love slips far, far away

Oh, dancing sins and burning flames,

Have you come to burn my life away?

You can flush my ashes down the drain

But don’t judge me too harshly; I’m not to blame

Because all of those things that they do and say

Are from ages past, when the light of day

Still burnt as brightly as a candle’s flame

When family and love was one and the same

But now there is nothing, no love and no hope

No way to move on, there’s no way to cope

So I will sit here, in the dead of the night

Watching the monitors flashing red lights

And hope that the pain will drain with the blood

The blood is still pouring. Look, it’s a flood!

No, you can’t stop me, I’m too far ahead

By the time that you reach me, I’ll already be dead


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