but it was dark in the garden

the night was thick

it blotted out the light

inky, inky night

with cut-out stars

and ribbon winds

slithering through my coat

the leaves rustle

he’s here

what took him so long?

hey, he says

don’t hey me, punk.

I’m mad at you.

I found this girl, he says

oh, really?

That’s where you were?


You mad?


You ditched me for

some other girl

what do you think?

But Ma, he says.

You’ll always be here.


It’s too dark to see you tonight

he says

but I know you’re there

the clouds move

Oh! Ma!

he says

There you are!

the brightest star of them all

damn right I am

Love you, Ma

love you too, son

I’ll bring her to see you


excuse me?

this place ain’t big enough

for some other girl

see you later, Ma

see you always, son


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