Oh, you think that this is funny? You think that it’s a game?

You set my heart on fire, but left me burning in the flames

Burning bones hurt much, much more than broken, bloody hearts

But let me see how loud you scream when I rip yours apart

Oh, don’t be shy! Just step this way, inside this shadow’s hell

Do you like the scars I boast? Would you like some as well?

Do you hear the screaming from the pits of broken souls?

All the ones you played with and left hanging, full of holes

Hearts are hard to live without, and burning bones can’t bear

The weight of sins and pain and loss and all those worldly cares

But you must not have realised this, because you don’t seem to care

Your sphere of madness eliminates all hope from everywhere

Tonight I’ll fight a duel with you, but it’s one that you won’t win

Because your head his full of lies, and your heart is full of sin

That much sin is far to heavy for you to vanquish me

And so I’ll have my sweet revenge, and you’ll fall, finally


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