Game of Thrones, In Summary

I have never seen Game of Thrones. Nor have I a desire to. However, I have learnt a great deal about the show from the people around me. I have accumulated a list of facts about the show I have gathered over the years.

Warning: This probably contains spoilers.

    1. Jon Snow knows nothing.
    2. And no one bothers to send the poor boy to school.
    3. Joffrey dies. This is a good thing, and makes people happy.
    4. Joffrey’s death is the creators’ way of making a public statement about Justin Bieber.
    5. Lord Stark dies.
    6. There are people named Stark. But none of them are called Tony.
    7. There is a girl named ‘Day-nay-rus’ who makes for a wonderful Halloween costume.
    8. Especially if you put a tiny dragon on your shoulder.
    9. There are tiny dragons in this? Maybe I should watch it, after all.
    10. Said tiny dragons cost an awful lot in the stores.
    11. Maybe it’s not worth it after all.
    12. It’s not appropriate to watch Game of Thrones at school.
    13. Or at Starbucks.
    14. Or on the subway.
    15. Or with your eight-year-old cousin.
    16. Or anywhere, really, except in your basement. With all the lights off. And the doors locked.
    17. Winter is coming. Even if it’s already here.
    18. And there’s nothing you can do about it.
    19. There is somebody named Arya who isn’t an elf.
    20. Everyone dies. Seriously. Everyone.
    21. You don’t have to watch every episode to be caught up. Or every season.
    1. Because everybody dies. That’s all you need to know.
    1. There can be intense debates about the existential meaning of certain scenes.
    1. Getting attached to characters is not recommended.
    1. Because they’ll end up dying, anyway.
    1. The whole thing is based on a series of books written by an old man.
    1. Who’s still writing books.
    1. Good for you, old man.
    2. Some interesting names coming from a man named George Martin.
    1. Jaqen H’ghar? How do you even say that?
    1. There is some seriously nice costuming that happens in this show.
    2. HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. The whole thing happens in a sort of mythical land.
    4. It’s a good thing adultery isn’t illegal in this mythical land.
    5. Or incest. Apparently.
    6. Or nudity. Apparently.
    7. In front of a camera. Apparently.
    8. Geesh!
    9. Is there actually a plot to this show?
    10. Is there actually a plot to life?
    11. Life leads to death. End of life. End of show.

Death’s Light

He knocked twice on the door, late one night

When the house was dark, and the moon was bright

I didn’t answer his call, but he still came in

He wore Prada and Gucci, and a lop-sided grin

“Good morning, m’dear,” he said, with a bow

“Pardon the intrusion, I hope you’re not busy right now.”

“W-Who are you?” I stuttered, with uneven, bated breath

“My dear, don’t you worry,” he said calmly. “I’m Death.”

“Death!” I said hoarsely. “Is it really my time?”

“Oh, please,” he said. “Is calling on an old friend a crime?”

“You’re no friend of mine,” I said, turning away,

“I remember what you’ve done. There’s no need to stay.”

“But their times were up,” Death said, as he sat down.

“Oh, dear, don’t be sad! You know I hate when you frown!”

I glared at the reaper, in his dark, pinstriped suit,

“You took away my sister, and both my brothers, too!

You’re a vile piece of work, and you revel in despair

Did you think you could barge in, and that I wouldn’t care?

Death looked taken aback by my sudden, angry rant

“My dear, don’t wish for things you know I cannot grant.

I hate to see you hurting, you, my only, one true friend.

But there are some things I can’t do; all lives some time must end!”

I crossed my arms. How dare he! Justifying his crimes,

As he sat in front of me, contemplating taking mine!

“You really are a monster, Death. You’ve taken all my friends.

Remember Kate and Mary-Lou, Josephine, and Ben?”

“I am quite sorry,” Death told me, wiping away a tear.

“But there was nothing to be done at all. None at all, I fear.”

“You sly, conniving crocodile! You wasp in summer’s heat!”

I slapped Death twice across the face, and then I stomped my feet.

“You took the world away from me! My cat, my aunt, my lover,

And when I thought you could take no more, Death, you took my poor, old mother!

Are you glad to see me all alone? Do you revel in my angst?

Death, if this is friendship, I don’t want it! I’ll be on my own. No thanks!”

“Lives are written in stone, m’dear,” Death said, reaching for my hand.

“I cannot change the things that are written for those who dwell in this land.

I cannot change the past for you, but there is one thing I can say…

Friends on this world live and die, but I’m a friend who will stay.”

I though that I’d been very clear. I never wanted him to stay.

But Death, whether friend or foe or in between, will never go away.

And so I said, “Well, there’s no point in going on, nothing left for me to do.

Death, if you are going away, perhaps you could take me, too?”

He jumped for joy, that grisly Grim, who reaped the souls I loved

And then he took me in his arms, and carried me up above!

And, now, when Death collects his souls, I also go with him

As friends, we work together to perform a job so cruel and grim

Yet, in our work we shine, a spark of friendship, warm and bright

And that is why, when you die, you will always see a Light.

Jungle Rap

My head tilts back, and I scream my rage

I’m the king of the zoo, I’m out of my cage

My mane stands on edge, I’m stylish and cool

Bow at my feet, ’cause I was born to rule.

I have claws in my paws, and fur on my feet

With leather and pearls, my outfit’s complete

A drink in my hand, I walk down the street

Tappin’ my feet to this sweet jungle beat

The blood in my veins make the temperature rise

I bounce with the beat, soaring up to the sky

My soul is on fire, tearing straight through my flesh

When I’m on top of the world, I’m best of the best

So It Goes

Leaves fall, colours blend

Hearts break, summer ends

Skies cloud, frozen lakes

First snow, ice skates

Cracked ice, falling through

No chance without you

Fading darkness, moonless sky

Winter solstice, watch me die

Sunny days, melting snow

Bushes blossom, tulips grow

Healing wounds, cloudy skies

Warming breezes, feel alive

Summer’s heat, dance in rain

Starlit nights, no more pain

Thunderstorms, memories

Lightning strikes, chilly breeze

Summer’s end, autumn’s here

So it ends, another year

On Angel’s Wings

On angel’s wings, you slipped away

Stole my heart that summer’s day

In my chest, there is a hole

Without you here, I can’t be whole

All my life, I’ll wonder why

The best among us had to die

I didn’t love until you were gone

But, without you here, I can’t go on

You fly away on angel’s wings

As the choir starts to sing

Your memory stings, but I can’t let go

I love you, but you’ll never know


A short one. 

— Beatrice

Somebody loved the devil

Somebody let him in

Somebody gave their soul to darkness

Somebody learnt to sin

Somebody lived for now

Somebody knew no wrong

Somebody jumped before they looked

Now that somebody’s gone


I stood by the cross and cried

For the baby who had died

Early on that Easter morn

Dead before he was even born

All the people rushing by

They don’t see the tears I cry

A little cross stands in the ground

The snow is melting all around

Hot cross buns are baked next door

The scent of bread wafts from the store

The eggs are hidden in the grass

The church’s faithful start to amass

The morning is fresh; my grief is raw

I remember the things I heard and saw

The cry of their babies; the cold skin on mine

The grief I will carry to the end of my time

I hear, in the trees, a red robin chirp

The brass bells ring from inside the church

Easter is here, another spring’s sprung,

Fresh tears fill my eyes as the first hymns are sung

All around is new life, but here, in the soil,

Lies the end of nine months of tears, blood, and toil

And though more springs will come and Easters will go

My baby is dead, a life none will know