When the darkness rises, the demons emerge

Facets of my soul I thought that I had purged

My heart starts to race, as thought of the undead

Haunt me in dreams as they battle in my head

Courage falls to pieces, and my spirit is undone

A nonexistent battle the darkness already has won

I have not the strength to fight it, the will to resist

So I lie here in silence, as my sanity twists

I’m falling to pieces, I’m falling apart

I’m aching, I’m dying, they’ve torn out my heart

They’re ripping me open, I’m burning alive

Is it really this painful when somebody dies?

The darkness surrounds me, I cannot escape

I’m running, I’m screaming, but it’s too little, too late

Quick! Run away, or you, too, might be caught

In this terrible madness the darkness has brought

The darkness is blinding, and I cannot see

Beyond my own madness, my lost sanity

There is no more hope, the demons will dance

Upon the graves of the fallen who never stood a chance

And I will soon join them, embrace them, as friends,

Because only in death will this insanity end


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