and there were so many things that were left unsaid

on that cold summer’s night, when you were found dead

the endless complaints of a purebred heart

that drown in its blood as it crumbles apart

each time that I think of the time that we’ve lost

my mind fades away, and my love starts to rust

i’d dream of an angel, if you lead a different life

but your soul was tortured, full of anguish and strife

sometimes i forget the blow that’s been dealt

all the pain i endured, the heartbreak i felt

but when it rushes back, my heart fails again

and, for a moment, i, too, am dead

yes — sometimes, in silence, i’ll spare a tear

for the hurt and the guilt, the anger, the fear

but never too many, for you are still dead

at least in this life, in this world, in my head,

but not in my heart, because i can’t accept

that you are gone — no, not while i still have these regrets

but i cannot reach you, no words for your ears

all the things i can’t say come out in my tears

and maybe i’m broken, but you’ll always be gone

and, try as i might, i can never move on


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