this is madness

the things i’ve seen

no one should have to

and then you stand up there

on the soapbox

and you, you speak to me about





…i’ve seen things you’ve never dreamt of

seen things you’ve never heard of

i don’t tell you how to live your life

…so why do you try to run mine?

haven’t you done enough damage here?

the blood

i still feel it

running through my hands

still warm, still fresh

through her hair, on her skin

have you ever held the dying

in your heart?

i didn’t think so.

so, please, preach your message. your hate. your love.

i won’t hear it.

i’ll see things you could never imagine




oh, yes, the screams

because it’s unpleasant to

oh, i won’t burden you with that

speak on

i’m listening

really, i am


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