A single candle shines

For a single soul

like a shrine

It flickers with each gust of wind

And burns away a life of sins

Leaving nothing but the purest flesh

Inside a coffin to be laid to rest

And all the people all around

Are crying

as they crowd around the hallowed ground

I don’t share the tears they cry

I keep my head tilted

up, towards the sky

The sky where the sun brightly shines

A tribute to living, God’s own shrine

And all around, my breath’s in clouds,

The coffin lowers into the ground

I don’t watch, I don’t want to see

The people crying

all around me

So I close my eyes, and hear the bells

Ringing somberly, a death march, a knell

Snow starts to fall, and the candle blows out

My breath catches, and the tears fall out


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