Once there was a little rabbit

His name was Fluffy White

By the window he would kneel

Every single night

And softly whisper this prayer to God:

“Lord, I know it might sound funny

But I think it would be so swell

If you made me the Easter Bunny!”

Fluffy prayed all summer long

And throughout the winter, too,

But, when the bushes began to bud,

He had no idea what to do

Had his prayers been answered?

Do you think they’d even been heard?

Maybe he was too bold, asking God

For a dream that was so absurd

For Fluffy knew that God was busy

Making hay, and sun, and carrots

Yes, God was really far too busy

To bother with a silly little rabbit

But Fluffy still prayed every night

And clung fast to his dream

“Lord, please make me the Easter Bunny!

Pretty please, with sugar and cream?”

But still there was no answer

And the days crept quickly by

And, soon, it was Easter Sunday’s eve

And the moon was high in the sky

Fluffy cried himself to sleep that night

His dreams a mere whisper in the spring

But, in his dream, guess who appeared?

A little rabbit with angel wings!

“Hello, Fluffy,” said the angel,

“Or, should I say, our new Easter bunny?!?!”

Fluffy took the basket from the angel’s hands,

And found it full of money!

“The chocolates are outside your door

With the eggs, cookies, and cakes

Quick! Go spread our Easter cheer

Before the children awake!”

With those words, the angel vanished,

And Fluffy leapt out the door

Delighting in his newfound success

His heart’s errand, a glorious chore

And everywhere around the world

Children would wake to find

Coins and candies on the lawn

Glittering like a gold mine

By the time our dear bunny

Finally returned home

He was so exhausted he fell asleep

With a hop, stumble, and groan

But when our Fluffy awoke, he found

His room was dark and bare

No sign of coins or chocolate eggs

No…there was nothing anywhere

No trace of his journey late last night

No sign of what he’d weathered

No sign of anything, save a single

Pure-white angel’s feather

But Fluffy knew strange things had happened

On that lonely Easter’s eve

The Easter Bunny had come to life

Because one rabbit believed

And every Easter Eve after that

The angel visits Fluffy White

And gives him baskets full of treats

To deliver throughout the night

And though he’s never quite sure

How he gets the eggs and money

Fluffy knows he’s living his dream

Because he’s become the Easter Bunny


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