A.N. The previous one is better.

A broken heart’s an empty thing

It falls like a hammock tied with strings

Floats down softly to the ground

But, when it falls, it makes no sound

My broken heart fell just like that

The air went out, and it fell down flat

When you left me, love, I died

Broke down on the bed and cried

Love, I swear I didn’t see

The moment you stopped loving me

My heart burst like a balloon

And it will not heal any time soon

Oh, my love, I didn’t see it coming

When you cast me off, like I was nothing!

My heart is broken, empty, flat

Because you left me, just like that

Like it was oh, so easy to do

To let me know that we were through

And now my broken heart has burst

It couldn’t survive through the worst

And it is empty, like I said

And, with the rest of me, my heart is dead


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