As long as you love me, I don’t need a man

To hug me at nights, or to hold my hand

I won’t gawk at the gossip, or read magazines

To glimpse Harry Styles with his new beauty queen

My heart won’t twist when Orlando Bloom

Walks on the screen, and the lens starts to zoom

I don’t need heart throbs like Gosling or Nick

To make my life whole, or make my heart tick

As long as I have you, that’s all that I need

I don’t care about Sheeran or that horrid ‘Biebs’

I won’t scream like the girls when their idol arrives

I don’t care about Ryan’s or Chris’s or Clive’s

You keep me grounded, and you’ll be the one

I turn to when darkness has darkened the sun

I won’t dream about Bruno or drool over Niall

Because boys don’t matter (at least, they won’t for a while!)

And I love you, Mama, because you’re all I need

And we’ll be together, as long as you love me


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