In the dark, a snowflake shudders

Torn apart from its mother

The storm cloud passes, but the snowflake stays

And here it will live out its days

But it will cry, because it longs

For its mother cloud, in the sky above

It felt safe, inside her hug

But the cloud is gone, just like her love

The snowflake lives until it melts

Feelings things that should never be felt

The pain from losing a world of love

A mother’s touch, a forbidden hug

The snowflake lingers all alone

Far from the place it once called home

When spring arrives, it’s a welcome change

A chance to end its lonely days

Good-bye, it calls, but no one hears

Its voice, too soft to reach our ears

It melts in a pattern, but we don’t see

The snowflakes dying beneath our feet

Because spring is here! And flowers! And sun!

Winter is over! It’s time to have fun!

And snowflakes might melt, but we don’t mind

Because winter it over! It’s summertime!

And the snowflake won’t cry because it is dying

If I said it wasn’t happy, well, I would be lying

Because life without mothers is no life at all

It realised this as soon as it happened to fall

And the snowflake will die, bid farewell to the past,

Thankful that death has come at long last

Melt in a puddle, and evaporate, and then

Our snowflake might see its dear mother again


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