A.N. Skeltonic verse. 

First glance

Pure chance

Eyes meet

Hearts beat

First touch

Sudden rush

Ears ring

Hearts sing

First kiss

Pure bliss

First date

Out late

Late night

First fight

Break up

Make up

Next night

Stars bright

Ten to nine

Pink line

Wet tears

From fear

Last fight

Out of sight

He’s gone

Carry on

All alone

Baby’s home

No way

To pay

Leave school

World’s cruel

Finds work

As a clerk

Bad pay

Can’t stay

On street

Can’t eat

Baby’s gone

Carry on

Another job

In a mob

Gang life

Full of strife

New boy

Full of joy

First kiss


Put in jail

Can’t pay bail

Jail break

New mistake

Drugs numb

Street scum

Spiral on

New boy’s gone

Next one comes

Another love

Another night

Out of sight

On and on

They’re all gone

No love more

In store

Can’t go on

Now, she, too, is gone


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