A single candle shines

For a single soul

like a shrine

It flickers with each gust of wind

And burns away a life of sins

Leaving nothing but the purest flesh

Inside a coffin to be laid to rest

And all the people all around

Are crying

as they crowd around the hallowed ground

I don’t share the tears they cry

I keep my head tilted

up, towards the sky

The sky where the sun brightly shines

A tribute to living, God’s own shrine

And all around, my breath’s in clouds,

The coffin lowers into the ground

I don’t watch, I don’t want to see

The people crying

all around me

So I close my eyes, and hear the bells

Ringing somberly, a death march, a knell

Snow starts to fall, and the candle blows out

My breath catches, and the tears fall out



There’s a hole in my chest, right here, and it burns

From the thousands of lessons Life’s forced me to learn

I never was a proper student, didn’t care for books

So Life destroyed my hopes and dreams with a single, fatal look

I cut this hole inside my chest to destroy the pain I felt

Water didn’t do the trick; unlike the Witch, I didn’t melt

I didn’t have the strength for guns, and pills are hard to get

So I took a cleaver to my heart, and let sorrow do the rest

I thought that taking out my heart would cure the aches and pain

But, when the deed was done, I found it wasn’t worth the gain

Because, although I could not feel my heart quivering in its cage

I still felt all the painful sorrow, hurt, guilt, and rage

The blood is dripping down my chest, and stains the walls and floor

Splatters of another life that could have been much more

But I don’t care, my chest is empty…an emptiness that hurts

The blood is pooling by my feet, and the pain is getting worse

And so I fall down to my knees and drink the bloody mess

To drown my sorrows for a sin I never can confess

The snow is laying smooth outside,  where the blood flows faster

The blood is pouring out and out, a self-imposed disaster

The red on white is ludicrous; it reminds me of my home

A maple leaf on stripes of fabric, safety which I’ll never know

My heart is gone, and I’ve gone mad, just like the dreams I’ve lost

I leave the remnants in a wasteland full of snow and frost

And I will walk the Earth forever with a big hole in my chest

Never knowing where to go, never fitting with the rest

I’ve known a pain like no one should, and now I have no heart

And I will never be whole again, now that Life’s torn me apart

Turned to Stone

My heart knows before my head

That the love you gave me has long been dead

You pour a drink, and fix your tie

Say that you’re leaving, that this is goodbye

You left your hat on the kitchen table

Broke my heart with your last betrayal

I don’t know why, what I did wrong

In my head, I am empty, because my heart knows you’re gone

I loved you, my darling, perhaps a little too much

Your scent and your chuckle, your shadow, your touch

But all of it’s gone, there’s nothing to tell

My head’s all caught up, but my heart’s just a shell

And no one can hurt me, now that no one’s let in

Love is forbidden, it’s darkness and sin
If only I’d listened to my heart before my head

I wouldn’t be this broken; I’d be better off, instead

But because my head was stubborn, I’ll live my life alone

A broken-hearted corpse, a flame that’s turned to stone

Two A.M.! (A Med School Parody of Let It Go)

Lights glow bright in the ER tonight

Not a patient to be seen

I’m nodding off on duty

Quick! Someone get some more caffeine!

The snow is swirling on the lonely streets outside

No one could come in, even if they tried

Oh, I want to sleep! But they can’t see

They won’t say that word: Q-U-I-E-T!

Try not to feel, though I’d wish they’d know

And let me go!

Two A.M.! Two A.M.!

Two A.M., and I’m still awake!!!

Two A.M.! Two A.M.!

Won’t you please give me a break?

I’m so tired, I really need some rest

Won’t someone please take over?

I promise I’ll buy you breakfast

It’s funny how my eyelids

Make everything seem small

They’re closing oh, so quickly

Soon they won’t open at all!

It’s time for me to go to bed!

Just look at me —  my eyes are red!

But they don’t notice, they don’t see…

Please, let me go free!!!!

Two A.M.! Two A.M.!

Two A.M., and I’m fading fast!

Two A.M.! Two A.M.!

I won’t make it, I’ll never last!

I’m dead tired, I really need a break!

Won’t you let me go…?

The wind is blowing all the snow into the air

The place is dead — no sign of patients anywhere

And one thought crystallises like an icy claw

What was I thinking? I should’ve gone into law!

Two A.M.! Two A.M.!

I’m so tired, and the place is dead!

Two A.M.! Two A.M.!

Please, let me go to bed!

I’ve had enough, don’t care if the pager beeps

Let the storm rage on

It’s two A.M., and I am going to sleep

Fluffy White

Once there was a little rabbit

His name was Fluffy White

By the window he would kneel

Every single night

And softly whisper this prayer to God:

“Lord, I know it might sound funny

But I think it would be so swell

If you made me the Easter Bunny!”

Fluffy prayed all summer long

And throughout the winter, too,

But, when the bushes began to bud,

He had no idea what to do

Had his prayers been answered?

Do you think they’d even been heard?

Maybe he was too bold, asking God

For a dream that was so absurd

For Fluffy knew that God was busy

Making hay, and sun, and carrots

Yes, God was really far too busy

To bother with a silly little rabbit

But Fluffy still prayed every night

And clung fast to his dream

“Lord, please make me the Easter Bunny!

Pretty please, with sugar and cream?”

But still there was no answer

And the days crept quickly by

And, soon, it was Easter Sunday’s eve

And the moon was high in the sky

Fluffy cried himself to sleep that night

His dreams a mere whisper in the spring

But, in his dream, guess who appeared?

A little rabbit with angel wings!

“Hello, Fluffy,” said the angel,

“Or, should I say, our new Easter bunny?!?!”

Fluffy took the basket from the angel’s hands,

And found it full of money!

“The chocolates are outside your door

With the eggs, cookies, and cakes

Quick! Go spread our Easter cheer

Before the children awake!”

With those words, the angel vanished,

And Fluffy leapt out the door

Delighting in his newfound success

His heart’s errand, a glorious chore

And everywhere around the world

Children would wake to find

Coins and candies on the lawn

Glittering like a gold mine

By the time our dear bunny

Finally returned home

He was so exhausted he fell asleep

With a hop, stumble, and groan

But when our Fluffy awoke, he found

His room was dark and bare

No sign of coins or chocolate eggs

No…there was nothing anywhere

No trace of his journey late last night

No sign of what he’d weathered

No sign of anything, save a single

Pure-white angel’s feather

But Fluffy knew strange things had happened

On that lonely Easter’s eve

The Easter Bunny had come to life

Because one rabbit believed

And every Easter Eve after that

The angel visits Fluffy White

And gives him baskets full of treats

To deliver throughout the night

And though he’s never quite sure

How he gets the eggs and money

Fluffy knows he’s living his dream

Because he’s become the Easter Bunny

Flat Tire

A.N. The previous one is better.

A broken heart’s an empty thing

It falls like a hammock tied with strings

Floats down softly to the ground

But, when it falls, it makes no sound

My broken heart fell just like that

The air went out, and it fell down flat

When you left me, love, I died

Broke down on the bed and cried

Love, I swear I didn’t see

The moment you stopped loving me

My heart burst like a balloon

And it will not heal any time soon

Oh, my love, I didn’t see it coming

When you cast me off, like I was nothing!

My heart is broken, empty, flat

Because you left me, just like that

Like it was oh, so easy to do

To let me know that we were through

And now my broken heart has burst

It couldn’t survive through the worst

And it is empty, like I said

And, with the rest of me, my heart is dead

Whack ’em Dead!

On the table sat a moth

Dark against the tablecloth

Looking from a different angle

I can see its wee legs tangle

In the threads upon the table

It trips, because it’s no longer able

To walk upon the tablecloth

So it tries to fly, the moth,

But the threads are holding strong

And the moth knows something’s wrong

It can’t fly away — it’s stuck!

What a stroke of bad, bad luck!

And so the moth decides to cry

Lament and mourn and scream out: WHY???

But I can’t hear its tragic calls

Because its voice is far too small

And so I grab a book and creep

Up to the moth to take a peek

And, since it’s stuck, I smack it dead

One quick bash upon its head

Pesky creatures, these moths are

Ugly even from afar

And when they get inside the rice

Spoil the wheat and beans and spice

You wish they would all just die

And then, you too, scream out: WHY???

It’s best to stop them in their tracks

With a big book and a smack

And that, my friends, was how I was able

To whack a moth on my kitchen table

And forgive myself, not a moment after

With a sigh, and some nervous laughter

Because, what if this moth had friends?

An army who’d just seen its end?

I’d be out of beans and rice

For an eternity (not to mention spice!)

They’d eat me out of house and home

They’d eat it, then leave me all alone

So now I’ll go and hunt some more

Even though it’s quite a chore

To find the moths and whack them dead

With a big smack on their heads

Say, my friend, care to come?

I can’t promise, but it might be fun

Take this book, and lightly tread

And, who knows? You might whack one dead!

To My Mother, With Love (or, As Long As You Love Me)

As long as you love me, I don’t need a man

To hug me at nights, or to hold my hand

I won’t gawk at the gossip, or read magazines

To glimpse Harry Styles with his new beauty queen

My heart won’t twist when Orlando Bloom

Walks on the screen, and the lens starts to zoom

I don’t need heart throbs like Gosling or Nick

To make my life whole, or make my heart tick

As long as I have you, that’s all that I need

I don’t care about Sheeran or that horrid ‘Biebs’

I won’t scream like the girls when their idol arrives

I don’t care about Ryan’s or Chris’s or Clive’s

You keep me grounded, and you’ll be the one

I turn to when darkness has darkened the sun

I won’t dream about Bruno or drool over Niall

Because boys don’t matter (at least, they won’t for a while!)

And I love you, Mama, because you’re all I need

And we’ll be together, as long as you love me


In the dark, a snowflake shudders

Torn apart from its mother

The storm cloud passes, but the snowflake stays

And here it will live out its days

But it will cry, because it longs

For its mother cloud, in the sky above

It felt safe, inside her hug

But the cloud is gone, just like her love

The snowflake lives until it melts

Feelings things that should never be felt

The pain from losing a world of love

A mother’s touch, a forbidden hug

The snowflake lingers all alone

Far from the place it once called home

When spring arrives, it’s a welcome change

A chance to end its lonely days

Good-bye, it calls, but no one hears

Its voice, too soft to reach our ears

It melts in a pattern, but we don’t see

The snowflakes dying beneath our feet

Because spring is here! And flowers! And sun!

Winter is over! It’s time to have fun!

And snowflakes might melt, but we don’t mind

Because winter it over! It’s summertime!

And the snowflake won’t cry because it is dying

If I said it wasn’t happy, well, I would be lying

Because life without mothers is no life at all

It realised this as soon as it happened to fall

And the snowflake will die, bid farewell to the past,

Thankful that death has come at long last

Melt in a puddle, and evaporate, and then

Our snowflake might see its dear mother again

Early-Morning Pancakes

Early-morning pancakes sizzle

As they splatter on the griddle

I work fast to cook them all

Praying hard that none will fall

Grease the pan and pour the batter

Spread them out to make them flatter

Turn them once or turn them twice

Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon spice

Flip them on the plate, and top

With bananas you which you’ve chopped

Then add some butter, marmite, jam

Maple syrup, or even cheese and ham

Don’t let them cool! Eat them while they’re warm

The best way to start a frosty Valentine’s morn