my screen fills with faces which i do not know

though they bear some resemblance to lives long ago

i used to live in hiding, hide my dreams in my heart

because when i spoke and when i dared, they ripped my dreams apart

they told me i could never climb as high as i wanted to

but i ignored them and i dreamt, and, now, look what i can do

we used to have our dreams, you know, but they all laughed at mine

said that dreams should stay on earth, within our space and time

but i ignored and said that i could jump right to the moon

and with a little planning it could happen pretty soon

and i’m not on the moon right now, but i’m not too far away

the bricks are falling into place as reality slips away

i never dreamt it could come true and true it’s not all fun

there’s hurt and pain and sweat and tears to be shed before it’s won

but i’m a dreamer, always was, though they all put me down

but now i see their faces, now that they are not around

and, true, you know, i start to cry, because i’ve come so far

their faces used to scare me, but now, i’ve forgotten who they are

Sometimes i wonder what i did to deserve the life i’ve found

i heal and write and sing and dance so that my feet don’t touch the ground

i’ve dreamt a dream for twelve long years and now it has come true

in a couple years i’ll be a doctor, and maybe a writer, too

but though i’ve worked so hard so long and though i always fight

it’s still a bit unsettling. something’s not quite right.

we all were equal at one time in dreams and goals and love

but then i dreamt a little more, and seem to have risen above

none of us really reached our goals, but, because my dreams soared high,

Even though i am not what i dreamt, i always will still try


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