I’m speaking, but you can’t hear me

I’m waving, but you’re blind

I’d hug you if you came closer

But it doesn’t cross your mind

You call me names unheard of

You tell me that I’m dead

But I’m alive, I’m still right here

Sitting on this bed

You talk to me of living

Of the things we’ll never do

But I love you, though I wonder

If you still love me, too

There is a light that’s shining

Above your head and mine

But I can’t leave you, no, not yet

I need a bit more time

I need to say I’m sorry

For all the fights we had

I never meant to hurt you

Or to make you mad

And I really love you, darling

Even though we fell apart

So can’t we get together

And have a brand-new start?

Why do you keep ignoring me?

Why can’t you just say yes?

Stop speaking about funerals

There are still things to address

Take good care of my mother

And watch my father, too

Don’t let them grieve too hard

Help them carry through

Now, I think that’s all

I have to say to you

Won’t you give me a tiny sign

To say you love me, too?

A kiss, a nudge, a wink

It doesn’t have to be much

You can’t leave me here without so much

As a final parting touch

I’m not dead, no, not as yet

So why do you treat me so?

Don’t leave me here! Wait! I love you, dear,

More than you’ll ever know


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