Your love is like a subway

I wait here for my turn

And only underground

Will my love for you be returned

You hide me from the light

Our life is in the dark

But I can’t live without you

I’d die if we should part

So I wait at the station

For you to come my way

And then you take me places

Where I can never stay

Because the rides are short

I’m a stranger there, I know

So when we reach the end of the line

I catch another train back home

And it carries me to safety

To the boring, routine life

But I remember your journey

The way you loved me through the night

And when I get back home

I go back up the stairs

Back to the world of light

Dull people everywhere

And there I’ll stay until

You finally come back

And then your subway love will take me

Racing down the track

And you’ll stay with me until

We’ve reached the end of the line

And though you’ll move on without me

I’ll be ready for you, next time


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