The bitter taste to sudden ends

Of stories lived with lifelong friends

One twist of fate, and flames erupt

No parting kiss, nor sweet last touch

There’s nothing in the dark abyss

To strive towards, but to grieve and miss

And mourn for things which might have been

The dreams in darkness, the hopes unseen

But dreams burn out when day arrives

The sun’s too bright; they can’t survive

But the demons grow inside our hearts

And, with false pretenses, we play our parts

And act as though we’re doing well

Hiding the demons so they can’t tell

How the wounds are festering still

(Some parts of me thinks they always will)

The pain will never go away

I’ve disregarded what they say

Time will never come to mend

The pain from losing a dear, dear friend

It stays with you for the rest of your life

Weaving a web to block out the light

But you won’t notice; the pain becomes part

Of everything you are, your mind and your heart

Still the scars on your soul will tarnish your flame

Until you too have burnt out, leaving naught but a name


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