Bright red berries all around

On the bushes, on the ground

Place some berries on my tongue

Swallow once — the deed is done!

Heart beats fast, but lungs go quicker

Vision blurs, and blood runs thicker

Heads is pounding, knees give in

Bones are breaking, darkness win.



A.N. I believe the term for this is ‘awful’. I’m trying, but I seem to have a bit of a block. For the past few weeks now. It’s most disconcerting. I’ll try again later. Thank you for your patience. 

The old piano by the wall

Stands in the shadows, lean and tall

Its keys are dusty, and each note squeaks

The melodies are faint and weak

But tunes still ring out into the night

From fall of day to morning bright

A ghost, of sorts, pours out its heart

As if it’s been torn clean apart

And haunting tunes come from that place

A broken corner, forgotten space

The keys are sticky, and the music halts

As if to mourn over its own faults

But the gaps in tunes bring spooky airs

To those the nights catch unawares

Yet, in the end, there’s a sort of peace

Which comes from music, a soft release

A piano’s voice can merge with mine

And we’ll sing together, until the end of time

Not His Wife

It is Thursday afternoon, a quarter past three

When we enter the room, my partner and me

We make idle chatter, then get right the heart

Of the matter at hand, ready to start

“What brings you into the hospital today?”

The patient describes his abdominal pain

And we start to probe into his personal life

He mentions he smokes, and lives with his wife

We ask about drinking, how much and what type

We ask about exercise and exposure to light

There’s a lady in the room, and she helps him respond

To the questions we ask, when he takes too long

And she is so kind, I can’t help but say,

“Sir, your wife is too kind. Ma’am, what is your name?”

The lady looks shocked, and says “Something’s amiss,

I’m not his wife, but his daughter, if you please, Miss.”

Oh, swallow me, ground, if I’m still standing

My head is so light, and my heart’s started cramping

My partner and the patient are laughing so hard

But my confidence has shattered into thousands of shards

The daughter looks angry, and I’m so ashamed

I forgot the most basic of rules in this game

To think before speaking, and check, not assume,

But at least my partner’s laughing, all the way out of the room


your eyes meet mine

velvet dimples in the sky

twinkling in the night

starlight is so bright

through the cut-outs i can see

your soul is staring back at me

and though i know at dawn of day

you will slowly slip away

tonight i can pretend

that we were a bit more than friends

your hand is frail inside my own

the screens are beeping

next door, someone moans

but you’re an angel at death’s door

and as much as i need you, God needs you more

your beautiful eyes close again

and you blink twice

my heart stops

your hand drops

it’s too soon!

stars can’t fade before the night is over

but a cloud falls over yours, and your skin turns cold

in a moment i age a hundred years

but you were never that old

Hotel Centipede

A.N. This originally began as a re-write to Ed Sheeran and Rixton’s Hotel Ceiling, but turned into something quite different…0.0

You walked out the door, never looking behind

Leaving me alone to play the past on rewind

I didn’t see it coming, never thought it could end

Though you still promised we could always be friends

Maybe I was jealous, and maybe you were mad

All our friends and family were disappointed and sad

They wanted it to work out, to see us settled, too

But, really, in the end, there was nothing we could do

So I gathered all your things, and put them in a pile

Left them by the curb, and sat down for a while

Looked around our home, how empty it now seemed!

I pulled down all the shutters, and switched on the TV

I listened while I swept the floor, gave some dinner to the cat

Tidied up the odds and ends scattered around the flat

The TV switched to adverts, and I turned on the kettle

Made myself a cup of tea, and found somewhere to settle

Brushed aside your stacks of films, and the books I never read

And heard on the six o’clock news that you had been found dead

The pictures soon filled up the screen, and I fell into despair

They pulled your body from the river, though your car was still down there

They said that you’d swerved off the road, but I could only see

The one who I had always loved, who just walked out on me

I didn’t know just what to feel as I saw you lying there

Your face was bloated, and your eyes were fixed in an empty stare

I watched until I started to cry, and then my vision blurred

The TV faded in the background, and I couldn’t hear a word

But still the memories pounded on, so I took my car and drove

Straight to the Hotel Centipede, where all lost lovers go

The receptionist wrote down my name, and handed me a key

And sent me to the thirteenth floor, room one-three-two-oh-three

And from that vantage point I saw the world beneath my feet

A thirteenth-floor window seems miles above the street

And it was tempting, just right then, to join you in your sleep

But had neither strength nor nerve, and I could only weep

And that was when a centipede, a hundred-legged beast

Crawled up upon my naked leg, and began its bloody feast

I never knew that centipedes could devour so much blood

But when a heart is breaking, I guess, its bleeding is a flood

I stood there, helpless, as I watched the centipede digest

All the love and all the pain embedded in my chest

It took your memory far away and rendered me insane

To the point where I’d nearly forgotten both of our names

I tried to pick the centipede off, but found my arms were numb

And then I turned my head and laughed as if this game were fun

Because the Hotel Centipede truly is the best

For all the broken-hearted to rejuvenate and rest

And there, upon the thirteenth floor, my pain was bled away

By a measly little centipede who drank for two whole days

And when his meal was done, he scurried to the dark

And, by this time, my memories were lost and torn apart

I never again would be the person I once was

Because the pain of loving you, or anyone, was gone

And, when I paid my hotel fees and drove myself back home

I sang to pop hits radio streaming on my phone

And, when I reached the flat, I saw a line of red-and-blue

Police were questioning suspects, as if they had nothing else to do

So I just kept on driving out into that deep, dark night

A new beginning for myself, the future shining bright

And, though I will not soon remember the pain that made me bleed,

I never will forget that night at the Hotel Centipede

Ruby Red

Her hair was ruby red

Her eyes were blue and bright

Her smile was so contagious

But she didn’t last the night

The way she laughed still haunts me

The way she called me ‘friend’

But when she fell down in the dark

She did not rise again

I can’t believe I failed her

A soul so pure and kind

Her name is everywhere I look

And her face won’t leave my mind

Her hair was red, it burnt all night

Just like an candle’s flame

And though she’s gone, her time is through,

I’ll never forget her name

i looked into the past

my screen fills with faces which i do not know

though they bear some resemblance to lives long ago

i used to live in hiding, hide my dreams in my heart

because when i spoke and when i dared, they ripped my dreams apart

they told me i could never climb as high as i wanted to

but i ignored them and i dreamt, and, now, look what i can do

we used to have our dreams, you know, but they all laughed at mine

said that dreams should stay on earth, within our space and time

but i ignored and said that i could jump right to the moon

and with a little planning it could happen pretty soon

and i’m not on the moon right now, but i’m not too far away

the bricks are falling into place as reality slips away

i never dreamt it could come true and true it’s not all fun

there’s hurt and pain and sweat and tears to be shed before it’s won

but i’m a dreamer, always was, though they all put me down

but now i see their faces, now that they are not around

and, true, you know, i start to cry, because i’ve come so far

their faces used to scare me, but now, i’ve forgotten who they are

Sometimes i wonder what i did to deserve the life i’ve found

i heal and write and sing and dance so that my feet don’t touch the ground

i’ve dreamt a dream for twelve long years and now it has come true

in a couple years i’ll be a doctor, and maybe a writer, too

but though i’ve worked so hard so long and though i always fight

it’s still a bit unsettling. something’s not quite right.

we all were equal at one time in dreams and goals and love

but then i dreamt a little more, and seem to have risen above

none of us really reached our goals, but, because my dreams soared high,

Even though i am not what i dreamt, i always will still try

Parallel Tracks

I jump on a train at the end of the day

Waiting for your love to whisk me away

The wheels start to move, and our journey begins

Two lovers united until the night ends

The wind in my hair is chilly and cool

A reminder that love is heartless and cruel

But, for now, I don’t care, the tracks vibrate below

And my heart starts to pound, we don’t take it slow

The train barrels forward, and my love rushes on

Faster and faster, until it’s all gone

The track starts to slow, and the clatters are few

The journey is over, nothing here left to do

So I’ll find a new train, with a shiny new track

Please don’t mourn for me if I never come back

Because, if I die, I’ll die with a smile

Thinking I could be loved, at least for a while

While the train flies away, I’ll be happy and free

Thinking nothing could come between my love and me

Trains are exciting, but when they run out of fuel

Their journeys are over, and the lesson is cruel

But in the heat of the moment, sparks fly through the air

It’s dangerous business, but I really don’t care

Each time, at each station, I’ll pick a new track

And wherever it takes me, I’ll never look back


I’m speaking, but you can’t hear me

I’m waving, but you’re blind

I’d hug you if you came closer

But it doesn’t cross your mind

You call me names unheard of

You tell me that I’m dead

But I’m alive, I’m still right here

Sitting on this bed

You talk to me of living

Of the things we’ll never do

But I love you, though I wonder

If you still love me, too

There is a light that’s shining

Above your head and mine

But I can’t leave you, no, not yet

I need a bit more time

I need to say I’m sorry

For all the fights we had

I never meant to hurt you

Or to make you mad

And I really love you, darling

Even though we fell apart

So can’t we get together

And have a brand-new start?

Why do you keep ignoring me?

Why can’t you just say yes?

Stop speaking about funerals

There are still things to address

Take good care of my mother

And watch my father, too

Don’t let them grieve too hard

Help them carry through

Now, I think that’s all

I have to say to you

Won’t you give me a tiny sign

To say you love me, too?

A kiss, a nudge, a wink

It doesn’t have to be much

You can’t leave me here without so much

As a final parting touch

I’m not dead, no, not as yet

So why do you treat me so?

Don’t leave me here! Wait! I love you, dear,

More than you’ll ever know