It was Christmas Eve, and the lights were dim

In the city of angels, on heaven’s rim

The angels were sleeping, at peace in their beds

With beautiful dreams trapped inside their heads

All the angels were dreaming, except for two

Who were quietly crying, not sure what to do

One roof held two sisters, whose fears were kept

Beneath the cover of night, as they sat and wept

Because they knew, in the morning, they’d be moved far apart

And that was the reason they mourned in the dark

Christmas was once beautiful, they’d celebrate in sync

With trees full of lights which would sparkle and blink

Christmas Eve lights would give way to dawn

The beautiful days, which now were all gone

The hours crept by, and soon the angels were awake

And the head angel, Gabriel, came to take the two sisters away

Though they pleaded and cried, the archangel was firm

And told them that all angels must take their turns

And so the two sisters went to the place

Where Gabriel gave them a new mortal face

And sent them below, to the world beneath the clouds

Far away from each other and from heaven’s holy crowd

When they next opened their eyes, they remembered nothing of

The lights and the city of the angels above

Heaven was a whisper in the frosty winter morn

But somewhere, Christmas morning, two baby girls were born


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