My friends, I’m sorry that I failed you

Your bodies scattered on the floor

I swore I’d be there to protect you

But when I turned around, you were no more

We spoke of new life and forgiveness

A world apart where hearts are whole

But, through you, I lost my innocence

And, when you died, I lost my soul

My callous words were our undoing

The hate I I spoke of, you condemned

But all of our quarrels were their fodder

And now you’re dead, and I am damned

My friends, I know that I have failed you

My hands dyed crimson with your blood

I dare not ask for your forgiveness

But would you grant it from above?

My friends, my friends, I loved you dearly

I never meant for us to die

Never wanted to forsake you

Even now, I don’t know why

As I stand here on the gallows

The noose still loose around my neck

I remember all your faces

And your faith I won’t forget

I wish I had something to show you

To say it was worth it, in the end

But our bodies are the rubble

This broken world we couldn’t mend

You always loved me, like my brothers

You swore to follow me to the end

I did not deserve your praises

But I loved you too, my dear, dear friends


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