I walked that night by the river alone

Far from the city, but closer to home

Gazing at stars dancing miles from my eyes

Sending Christmas cheer through the night skies

’twas the night before Christmas, and getting quite late

When my stroll was interrupted by a stumbling gait

I fell into the river, and got soaked to the bone

Losing my glasses and my brand-new cell phone

“Gosh!” I exclaimed. “I cannot believe

That such terrible luck should happen on Christmas Eve!”

“Fear not,” said a voice, not far from the shore,

“I’ll have you out in a minute, and not a second more.”

Sure enough, soon enough, I was lifted to the bank

Nestled between blankets, which were rather dusty and rank

“I’m so sorry,” said the voice, from behind, coming near

“I only meant to bring you a bit of Christmas cheer.”

“…who are you?” I said, finally beholding the speaker

A strange, small, sparkling feminine-like creature

“I’m an elf,” the thing laughed, “straight from the North Pole, Miss,

And I’m here because Santa needs help with a special girl on his list.”

“My help?” I inquired, still shivering a bit

“How can I help Santa with his special Christmas list?”

“Well,” said the elf, “the list is incomplete

Because of a girl named Nicole (she’s so very, very sweet)

Hasn’t got a gift this year, and Santa’s a bit blue

Because we don’t know give her, so we decided to ask you!”

“Well, tell me about Nicole,” I said, “and I will try my best

To give you some ideas, dear elf, and you can do the rest.”

And so the elf told me about this lovely girl, Nicole

How she was always a favourite at the North Pole

Never naughty, always nice

Sweet as sugar, syrup, and spice

I listened for a bit, while thoughts danced in my mind

What could you possibly give a girl so gentle and kind?

At last I said, “Elf, I’m not sure what to do

I really can see why Santa’s feeling blue

There’s only one thing I can suggest that you give

To a girl who has found such a beautiful way to live.”

I whispered in the elf’s ear, and her eyebrows rose a mile

“Why, Miss,” she said quickly, trying to hide her smile

“We can’t do that, really, not as a gift, why, you see,

You can’t wrap joy and peace and put it underneath a tree!”

I smiled at the elf, and it turned into a grin

“Can’t you think of something, elf, that could let both of them in?

A girl like you’ve described needs something special for her heart

Because she gives so much away, you don’t want it to fall apart!”

The elf thought, and held her head

Thought some more, and finally said,

“I’ll try my best, but I can’t guarantee,

Because joy and peace aren’t things we can see.

Not sure how it’ll work, but I’ll try my best

And let Santa Claus do the rest.”

My smile met hers, and I looked at the sky above

“That’s all right, elf…but, if you could maybe add love

And a little bit of hope to that joy and peace

Perhaps we’ll have done some good on this Christmas Eve.”

“Hope, joy, love, peace,” said the elf, with a sigh

“I’ll do my best,” she said, with a wink, before disappearing in the sky

“What a strange situation!” I said, noticing the air had turned quite cold

“But I wonder if I’ve helped Santa with that little girl named Nicole…”


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