And for a moment, there, she loses hope
Situations compromise
Integrity and truth dissolve
And all she knows are lives of lies
And everything she ever dreamt of
Now is finally coming true
But all she ever wanted, darling,
Was to spend a life with you
Walking out on hope is like walking on a world of water
Every step you take is one step closer to the slaughter
She could have lifted you up, but you didn’t want to go
But you never told her that, God, how was she supposed to know?
Went to hell and back each day, just to tell you that she loved you
But the love you gave her back, none of it was ever true
Loved the way you lied to her, loved the game you played so well
The stories better left unsaid, lies that none should ever tell
They say that truth is freedom, but she knows better, yes, she does
Because freedom is destroying everything she ever was
And you can play your games, dear, and you can let her go
But the damage that you’ve caused, dear, is more than you will ever know


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