Her beautiful eyes, darker than mine

Are so full of kindness they sparkle and shine

Leaving me haunted by the things that I’ve done

Crippled and dying, in need of the sun

But I can’t climb out of this crypt that I’ve built

From the hearts I’ve left broken, the dishonour and guilt

No way left to live, but too cowardly to die

Her eyes turning harder each time that I lie

I love her, you know, and I always will

When we walked together, time stood still

And she said she loved me, but she cast me out

And now all her love does is fill me with doubt

But I love her memory, and I love her eyes

The same eyes will haunt me ’til the day that I die

And she will forget me, but I won’t move on

Because I’ve died every day since the first she was gone


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