A fairy sighs beneath the moon

For sunsets faded far too soon

The way she flies reveals the lies

She’s learnt while living in the skies

Perfect days and blissful nights

Turned into demons, full of fright

When the unveiled truths dawned with day

The butterflies all slipped far away

And now she’s lonely because she’s alone

No sunny shores to call her home

The lights have faded from her eyes

As her life fills with darker lies

The things she sees, she never thought

Were ways that lives could twist and rot

The darkness falling in their eyes

Brings nasty ends to lovely lives

And, though she lives, she can only mourn

For all the lives she sees newborn

Born into hatred, dark despair

Mere hollows in the putrid air

And, though she sighs, she will not rise

Above the darkness, above the lies

The shadow now has swallowed her, too,

And she will perish beneath the moon


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