City of Angels

It was Christmas Eve, and the lights were dim

In the city of angels, on heaven’s rim

The angels were sleeping, at peace in their beds

With beautiful dreams trapped inside their heads

All the angels were dreaming, except for two

Who were quietly crying, not sure what to do

One roof held two sisters, whose fears were kept

Beneath the cover of night, as they sat and wept

Because they knew, in the morning, they’d be moved far apart

And that was the reason they mourned in the dark

Christmas was once beautiful, they’d celebrate in sync

With trees full of lights which would sparkle and blink

Christmas Eve lights would give way to dawn

The beautiful days, which now were all gone

The hours crept by, and soon the angels were awake

And the head angel, Gabriel, came to take the two sisters away

Though they pleaded and cried, the archangel was firm

And told them that all angels must take their turns

And so the two sisters went to the place

Where Gabriel gave them a new mortal face

And sent them below, to the world beneath the clouds

Far away from each other and from heaven’s holy crowd

When they next opened their eyes, they remembered nothing of

The lights and the city of the angels above

Heaven was a whisper in the frosty winter morn

But somewhere, Christmas morning, two baby girls were born


Last Words of Convict 10642

My friends, I’m sorry that I failed you

Your bodies scattered on the floor

I swore I’d be there to protect you

But when I turned around, you were no more

We spoke of new life and forgiveness

A world apart where hearts are whole

But, through you, I lost my innocence

And, when you died, I lost my soul

My callous words were our undoing

The hate I I spoke of, you condemned

But all of our quarrels were their fodder

And now you’re dead, and I am damned

My friends, I know that I have failed you

My hands dyed crimson with your blood

I dare not ask for your forgiveness

But would you grant it from above?

My friends, my friends, I loved you dearly

I never meant for us to die

Never wanted to forsake you

Even now, I don’t know why

As I stand here on the gallows

The noose still loose around my neck

I remember all your faces

And your faith I won’t forget

I wish I had something to show you

To say it was worth it, in the end

But our bodies are the rubble

This broken world we couldn’t mend

You always loved me, like my brothers

You swore to follow me to the end

I did not deserve your praises

But I loved you too, my dear, dear friends


A.N. This is awful. I will do better next time. :.)

Why do you treat me like I’m already dead?

I didn’t ask for much, just wanted a friend

But your eyes dissect me like I’m the scum of the earth

I already doubted my own value and worth

But you disregarded everything I was

You don’t know me, but you still judge

And maybe some time, you’ll finally see

Why I chose what I wanted to be

But you don’t know me, so please don’t pretend

And don’t pass judgement on what you don’t understand

And don’t look at me with that pitying distaste

Because all of your hatred is just going to waste

Sugar and Spice

I walked that night by the river alone

Far from the city, but closer to home

Gazing at stars dancing miles from my eyes

Sending Christmas cheer through the night skies

’twas the night before Christmas, and getting quite late

When my stroll was interrupted by a stumbling gait

I fell into the river, and got soaked to the bone

Losing my glasses and my brand-new cell phone

“Gosh!” I exclaimed. “I cannot believe

That such terrible luck should happen on Christmas Eve!”

“Fear not,” said a voice, not far from the shore,

“I’ll have you out in a minute, and not a second more.”

Sure enough, soon enough, I was lifted to the bank

Nestled between blankets, which were rather dusty and rank

“I’m so sorry,” said the voice, from behind, coming near

“I only meant to bring you a bit of Christmas cheer.”

“…who are you?” I said, finally beholding the speaker

A strange, small, sparkling feminine-like creature

“I’m an elf,” the thing laughed, “straight from the North Pole, Miss,

And I’m here because Santa needs help with a special girl on his list.”

“My help?” I inquired, still shivering a bit

“How can I help Santa with his special Christmas list?”

“Well,” said the elf, “the list is incomplete

Because of a girl named Nicole (she’s so very, very sweet)

Hasn’t got a gift this year, and Santa’s a bit blue

Because we don’t know give her, so we decided to ask you!”

“Well, tell me about Nicole,” I said, “and I will try my best

To give you some ideas, dear elf, and you can do the rest.”

And so the elf told me about this lovely girl, Nicole

How she was always a favourite at the North Pole

Never naughty, always nice

Sweet as sugar, syrup, and spice

I listened for a bit, while thoughts danced in my mind

What could you possibly give a girl so gentle and kind?

At last I said, “Elf, I’m not sure what to do

I really can see why Santa’s feeling blue

There’s only one thing I can suggest that you give

To a girl who has found such a beautiful way to live.”

I whispered in the elf’s ear, and her eyebrows rose a mile

“Why, Miss,” she said quickly, trying to hide her smile

“We can’t do that, really, not as a gift, why, you see,

You can’t wrap joy and peace and put it underneath a tree!”

I smiled at the elf, and it turned into a grin

“Can’t you think of something, elf, that could let both of them in?

A girl like you’ve described needs something special for her heart

Because she gives so much away, you don’t want it to fall apart!”

The elf thought, and held her head

Thought some more, and finally said,

“I’ll try my best, but I can’t guarantee,

Because joy and peace aren’t things we can see.

Not sure how it’ll work, but I’ll try my best

And let Santa Claus do the rest.”

My smile met hers, and I looked at the sky above

“That’s all right, elf…but, if you could maybe add love

And a little bit of hope to that joy and peace

Perhaps we’ll have done some good on this Christmas Eve.”

“Hope, joy, love, peace,” said the elf, with a sigh

“I’ll do my best,” she said, with a wink, before disappearing in the sky

“What a strange situation!” I said, noticing the air had turned quite cold

“But I wonder if I’ve helped Santa with that little girl named Nicole…”


A.N. Yes, this is a lyric rewrite. Sorry. :.)

I have another story

Something I need to get off my chest

Heard way too many stories

Know something now that I can’t confess

Because all my tears are stained red

From the blood I’ve seen shed

I live life honestly, I swear

At first, you saw me weak

But, now I’m on my feet

Tell me what you want from me

You know something now that I can’t see

Not sure what it could ever be

I just feel that all these secrets arise

Sometimes, just need another perfect lie

Don’t want a story now to make me cry

But, even now, all these secrets still arise

My God, it’s crazy how we’ve gotten this far

It feels like I’m always chasing stars

While trapped behind these prison bars

Because lies are real and truth is fake

And all our strength will fail and break

And I don’t know if I can still take more


Tell me what you want from me

Hiding something now that I can’t see

I have no clue what it could be

But I know that all your secrets will arise

Sometimes, don’t want to hear your perfect lies

Of apple trees and clear blue skies

Because I know I will make secrets arise

Come clean!

Please, don’t let me leave

Without letting me in

I just want us both to win

I can help you, I swear

I really do care

Even though I might act cold

It’s probably because all these lies would make any person seem old


Tell me what you want from me

Don’t hide it now so I can’t see

I don’t know what you want from me

But I can see all your secrets arise

This time, don’t need another perfect lie

I hate the way you make me cry

The way you make me lie

Because you make all my secrets arise

Roller Coaster

It’s another roller coaster, another all-time low
Another spiral spinning downwards, I have nowhere else to go
I thought I knew you, lovey, I thought I knew your heart
But why, oh why, did you go and rip mine clean apart?
If my words could only heal you, I’d send them all to you
Express airmail delivery, I think they’d be there soon
And if my love could save you, I’d give you my heart whole
Send my blood and my mind, love, I’d even send my soul
But you didn’t want my saving, you didn’t want my love
You didn’t want to be the one I’m always thinking of
And so you left me with my heart and a world of regret and pain
And now I know that, since you’ve gone, I will never be the same

World of Water

And for a moment, there, she loses hope
Situations compromise
Integrity and truth dissolve
And all she knows are lives of lies
And everything she ever dreamt of
Now is finally coming true
But all she ever wanted, darling,
Was to spend a life with you
Walking out on hope is like walking on a world of water
Every step you take is one step closer to the slaughter
She could have lifted you up, but you didn’t want to go
But you never told her that, God, how was she supposed to know?
Went to hell and back each day, just to tell you that she loved you
But the love you gave her back, none of it was ever true
Loved the way you lied to her, loved the game you played so well
The stories better left unsaid, lies that none should ever tell
They say that truth is freedom, but she knows better, yes, she does
Because freedom is destroying everything she ever was
And you can play your games, dear, and you can let her go
But the damage that you’ve caused, dear, is more than you will ever know

Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Christmas, beautiful eyes

Hiding the pain of beautiful lies

Lies so perfect you could almost believe

That they were truths, no need to deceive

Beautiful scarves and beautiful hats

Emblazoned on cardigans and front-door mats

Keeping in heat, while keeping out pain

Darkness and shadows, flurries and rain

Beautiful lights upon beautiful trees

Lit by the window for the whole world to see

Beauty in darkness and beauty in sin

Beauty so that none see the lies harboured within

Beautiful sunsets for beautiful lies

Trapped in a fire burning beautiful lives

Lives up in flames, with the fires we cry

There’s a beautiful silence, as all our lies die

She Was Gone

Her beautiful eyes, darker than mine

Are so full of kindness they sparkle and shine

Leaving me haunted by the things that I’ve done

Crippled and dying, in need of the sun

But I can’t climb out of this crypt that I’ve built

From the hearts I’ve left broken, the dishonour and guilt

No way left to live, but too cowardly to die

Her eyes turning harder each time that I lie

I love her, you know, and I always will

When we walked together, time stood still

And she said she loved me, but she cast me out

And now all her love does is fill me with doubt

But I love her memory, and I love her eyes

The same eyes will haunt me ’til the day that I die

And she will forget me, but I won’t move on

Because I’ve died every day since the first she was gone

Desolation of Planet X

Deep in the night, she cries out in fright

Scared of the demons who hide from the light

Creeping in shadows, thriving on sin

Screaming their fury, killing to win

Angels pass over, but they dare not descend

Upon a city so ravished there’s no way to mend

The few hearts still beating, so the angels fly away

But a little girl still trembles in the dark, where she lays

Hiding from demons, hiding from the night

Paralysed with terror, shivering with fright

They will never find her, but on this night she died

Curled up in the corner, in pools of tears she’s cried

And though she’ll never know it, she’s the last one still alive

A bleeding heart among the dead, no chance left to survive