I knew Love, but she broke my heart

Left me standing alone in the dark

She had her glory, but now it’s my turn

To repeat the lessons she forced me to learn

You can sit there, pretend you don’t know

The heartaches you caused me, the desperate lows

But I have you here, and you’ll know the pain

Of a heart that’s so broken the mind goes insane

There’s no physical harm that could ever relate

To a love that’s been ousted by anger and hate

I thought that you loved me, thought you were the one

But you cast me off, you said we were done

But I didn’t sacrifice my whole life in vain

You told me you loved me, now you’ll know my pain

The white snow outside is speckled with blood

That poured from my heart when you fell out of love

But the scars on my heart still bleed when I think

Of how I once loved you, and I won’t rethink

The best way to show you how you’ve damaged me

And, Love, you don’t know, but I will make you see

Your blood can join mine, together, we’ll rule

A world of lost lovers, so desolate and cruel

And we’ll both know a broken heart’s pain

Yours more literal, of course, but that’s just the game

That you taught me, my Love, so without more ado

Let’s get this game started, just me and you


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