dear santa

could i please have a little sister for

christmas this year i would treat her so

much better than i did the last one i

swear i’d be ever so gentle and take so much more

care and maybe you could leave her right there

under the tree just sitting under the light

waiting for me i’d really love her love her a

lot and i promise you i’d never stop it wouldn’t

be too hard to do just take a hammer and some

screws and carve her face just like you do and please

dear santa make my wish come true it wouldn’t be

too hard i think to give me a sister or even a brother

would do but i just want a friend who will love me

for who i am just a little friend to have my back i’d

give her presents and play games with her and gossip and

share clothes with her she’d be so perfect

do you have a lot of sisters in your workshop

i’d like one who’s a little shorter than me for a change

the last one was quite nice but when she went away

mama said you needed to take her back for a day to fix her up so

i played alone but it’s been months and she’s not back and

i guess that that’s okay but santa could i have another

a sister, please, though i guess a brother is okay too if he’d play

with me just send somebody anybody please and i’d really like

somebody because the house is always too still and mum and dad

are crying and i think they always will so please just send somebody i’d even take an elf if he’d sit tucked up when he slept i’d keep him on the shelf

i’d never ask you for a refund i swear

so santa could you please hear my prayer

a sister okay that’s all i need

i’ll leave the cookies and milk by the tree

and maybe a marshmallow or two or three

now i’ll give this to daddy to send in the post

daddy daddy why are you crying


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