A.N. Trigger warning. 

In another life, I might love you again

But this time will be different. We’ll start off as friends,

Then grow in understanding, and learn how to love

And then things might work out, just like we dreamt of.

But until that sweet time, we’ll stay far apart

Not seeing each other, just nursing broken hearts

The love I nourished for you now has all been spent

And I see you for the monster Hell’s vilest demons sent

So don’t come knocking at my door, and do not call my phone

I will not answer because I’m happier now, now that I’m alone

At least that’s what I tell myself, and that’s all you’ll ever hear

But, late at night, sometimes I’ll pretend that you are still right here

And I will cuddle close to you, and you will hug me, too

Because all I ever wanted was to spend my life with you

It’s sad and lonely, and unhealthy, I know

But I don’t see why you had to go

I know now things will never be the same

But that doesn’t stop me from turning insane

So I just tell myself that death’s not the end

Next time, I could find you, and we could start again

This time, you might be truthful, and I’ll try to be strong

And maybe we can fix the places where we went so wrong

But losing you still hurts, so I will close my door

Force myself to take the steps and lay down on the floor

Take one pill too many, until I see the light,

And hope that I’ll see you again, in another life


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