The sun is setting, but the sky’s still bright

And I can see, in the fading light,

A single leaf still holding on

To a life that’s long been gone

In the wind it quivers and quakes

Holding tight, refusing to break

Its vibrant colours house a life

That’s just about to fall and die

But while it’s here, still holding on

Its life force echoes, loud and strong

But faith is weaker than our fate

And, though it might be a little late,

This leaf is destined to join its brothers

No leaf may rise above the others

Winter’s touch is a kiss of death

All leaves must take their final breaths

Even this one, who hangs on tight

With one windy gust, the leaf is in flight

Tracing its way through the air to the ground

Twirling around without making a sound

Hitting the ground with a whimpering cry,

“Please, please don’t take me, I’m not ready to die!”

The sunlight is gone, and the trees are all bare

And all I can do is lie here and stare

The place I’m inside is a temple of Death

And, every few minutes, another loses his breath

All of our stays in this world are so brief

A human, a sunset, and even a leaf

The daylight is fading, I know I am, too

Every new breath is one less breath to lose

Every new breath brings me closer to death

That eternal rest where there are no breaths

But all seasons change, and all lives must end

A mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend

I wish you could miss me, but my bones in the earth

Will soon turn to dust, they’ll be nothing of worth

And if you should pass me, you won’t know I’m around

I’ll be just like that leaf, forgotten on the ground.


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