I don’t want to die, and leave my mother’s arms

She keeps me so safe I think I’ll never come to harm

I don’t want to fade away inside that dark abyss

Where no warm hand holds mine, and there’s no goodnight kiss

I don’t want to see my parents mourn over my grave

Trying hard not to cry, trying to be brave

I know what they’re going through, and I know that it’s hard

I know that the hardest heart is one covered with scars

I don’t want them to feel the pain of losing love again

So I’ll go through the motions, but I’ll never let them in

And maybe if I don’t love them, they won’t love me, too

And then on that day when I die they won’t feel quite so blue

Because if they never loved me, they will not feel my death

And their pain will not haunt me as I take my last breath

But then no one will notice me, as I die all alone

While my body lays forgotten between the mud and stone


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