Inside my coffin, I wear a dress

Of soft, white silk and lace

And though the tombstone bears my name

You’ll never know my face

My flesh has crumbled into the dust

And joined the soil all around

And you would never know the difference

If you saw me underground

You’d only see my bones, as I lay quietly here

But I’m so tired of staying dead, I want to disappear

Away from this grave where I’ve overslept

Away from the places I’ve sighed and wept

Away from this place where I broke my heart

And saw a whole lifetime ripped apart

I had my heart torn out of my chest

And entered into a temporal arrest

I had the air ripped away from my lungs

You don’t know what it’s like to die so young

To be buried alive because you can’t breathe

To be locked out of sight because they can’t believe

That you’re still here with them, your heart’s just been broken

But they can hear nothing, your words stay unspoken

Your eyes move around, but they can’t see

That life was everything you feared it would be

You just couldn’t take it, but you can’t move on

Because dying too soon has always been wrong

But I didn’t know that, when I took the gun

Before I could stop it, the deed had been done

I gunned myself down with a bullet through the brain

And now I lie down here, now, I’ve gone insane

A ghost of the past doomed to live out the years

I stole from myself in my anguish and fear

From that trick of heaven, a twist from above

I had my heart broken before I fell in love

And I’ll never know what it’s like to be loved

Because I’ve lost the life I so quickly disposed of

So I’ll just lie here, like I’m buried alive

And think about that day, the day when I died


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