A hand reaches out of an open grave

The tombstone behind has your name engraved

Your body has returned to bless us with your grace

But I can’t tear my eyes away from your crumbling face

Your eyes are motley sockets, tinged with clots of blood

The scabs fall off your body, splashing in the mud

You crawl out of your coffin, one thought in your head

You’re going after her, though it’s me you want, instead

You looking for the person who put you in the ground

The sweet revenge so long denied has finally come around

You think that she’s the one who broke your bleeding heart

But here I am, yes, I’m the one who watched you fall apart

I should have told somebody, I should have looked for help

But you would never even look my way, you left me by myself

I only wanted all your love, but, for me, you were blind

You always ran to her as though your lives were intertwined

You never stopped to pause or think about my love for you

I wonder if you ever noticed? Well, I’ll make sure you do!

You’re running after her, but you’re running out of time

Only a few lines more before I will make you mine

In my story I can make you do anything I like

Make a story where you love me, and I become your wife

I’ve brought you back here from the grave so you can marry me

Once you’ve killed that other girl, oh, how happy we will be!

You might think that she’s the one who once broke up with you

But I’m the one who spread the rumour that you were untrue

Of course you’ll leave her  soon enough, you can’t escape me now

You’re my perfect zombie prince, you’ll do what I allow

Within the confines of my words, I’ll cast a spell on you

Though this isn’t the first time I’ve tried this spell, that’s true

I tried to make you love me while you were still alive

But then that other girl broke you, and then, my love, you died

I tried so hard to move on, but I couldn’t without you

The skies, the lies, even my eyes turned everything dark blue

But now I have a second chance, now that you have been revived

Against all odds my love for your has magically survived

And now I’ll write my love for you to turn your thoughts around

(Though all my loves these days turn into zombies underground)

Don’t think about that other girl, just focus right on me

And we will be together, love, just like we will always be


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