The walls at home are filled

With pictures of the dead

They sit upon the mantle

And hang over my bed

Their eyes follow my body

Every time I move

And I can hear them calling me

When they disapprove

Of all the clothes I’m wearing

And the friends I bring around

But they can’t stop me, no, they can’t

They’re six feet underground

So I just roll my eyes

And pick back up my phone

Because they don’t understand

What it’s like to be alone

They had a pleasant life

Though their stories too soon adjourned

And now I sit alone at home

Just waiting for my turn

Where every creak’s a ghost

Returning for revenge

And every crack’s a zombie

Brought to life again

With every flash of light

I see my lifeline flicker

My breath gets caught inside my throat

And my heart pounds a little quicker

It’s Halloween night in this small town

And the cemetery is full

Of spirits plotting vengeful prank

They’d pull if they were only able

I see your eyes, they’re following me

Everywhere I go

But you can’t touch me where I stand

I safe right now, I know

You do not like the life I lead

But I don’t really care

I see your faces behind the glass

Trying to catch me unaware

So I just take your picture frames

And turn them to the wall

So all the cracks and creaks and spooks

Don’t bother me at all


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