I had a friend, but now she’s gone

She found she couldn’t stay for long

She had to leave because she found

That jealousy’s a fertile ground

For breeding lies and hiding truths

The follies of a selfish youth

And I will not see her again

I loved her hard, but time won’t mend

The rift that’s grown between our hearts

The ties she left and tore apart

I never asked for this at all

But when she left, I took the fall

And watched my dreams burst out in flames

As my dear friend just walked away

She couldn’t love the way I did

The friendship that our fates forbid

My life has risen beyond the clouds

But she won’t stand still on the ground

And she’s moved on, left me behind

Left me to go right out of my mind

And I can’t find her anymore

She left no trace past the open door

These scars that even time won’t mend

Remind me I won’t see her again


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