Chains bind my love to you

Even though you are untrue

I can’t help feeling the way I feel

Though you tell me it’s not real

Every time the lights go out

My heart destroys all signs of doubt

And every time the daylight ends

I fall in love all over again

You tell me to leave, but I won’t go

There’s something I think you should know

That girl on your arm isn’t the one

So push her aside, because you two are done

I’ll stay with you, it’s where I belong

Even though you think that it’s wrong

We’ll be together for eternity

Though you say that you won’t love me

You don’t know the lies she tells

You don’t know you’re under her spell

But I will break her selfish curse

By the end of this enchanting verse

And you will love me, yes, you will

Though you might think you love her still

I’ll make you stop, whatever the cost

Bring home my lover who’s now grown lost

I’ll beat your head against the wall

I’ll bite and scream and whine and bawl

I’ll make your life a living hell

Until I think I’ve broken her spell

You won’t even know your name

By the time I’m done this game

Nothing ever will make sense

The fun I’ll have at your expense!

Your blood will paint my bedroom’s walls

Your scream will sound when someone calls

A funny ringtone, don’t you think,

Pain and love together, in sync?

But when you love me, pain is scorned

I’ll be the one who you adore

That other girl isn’t worth your time

So won’t you come share some of mine?


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