A.N. Sssshhhhh, it’s not her birthday yet. :.D

A.N.N. It’s a happy poem, for a change. XD


A dancer floats across on stage

Like all my words fly off the page

They come to life with shape and style

To frolic and play with us for a while

The first three words are “I love you”

No other words could be so true

Next we see that “you’re the best”

Because we know that none of the rest

Could hold a candle to your grace

Your style, your manner, your loving face

And when I’m sad and feeling blue

I say that “no one loves me like you do”

Because you’re special — you’re my mother!

And, in my heart, there is no other

Who could compare to your perfection

A grail adorned by my affection

Perhaps that’s trite and exaggerated

But you’d see more if I elaborated

The words proclaim “I want to be like you”

Because you’re the best at everything you do

Your wisdom shines in every shadow

You give me hope when I grow sallow

You bring me back when times are tough

When my heart is heavy, and life is rough

Through tears and pain and fears and woe

You caution me to love and grow

You’re “practically perfect” in every way

So, when I say “happy birthday”,

I hope you’ll realise how much I love you

And hope that all of your wishes come true


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