#herecomethemedschoolposts, sorry…I fear there shall be many more of these:.)

A.N. Thank you to all of the brave people who have made learning so much easier for us by giving one of the greatest gifts we could ever receive.

his Eyes are watching me from beneath long

lashes the way his Eyes move the way one stays

still and one dashes around the way his Eyes see

everything i’m doing to him and even though i

apologise i know can’t say enough to him i

mean what do you say to someone whose Eyes you

are poking and prodding to find fat and

nerves it’s a gruesome sight that nobody

deserves and yet there’s somebody whose Eyes stare at you from

the bottom of a shallow plastic bin a somebody whose Eyes

are floating in formaldehyde and glycerol and something from a

tin while your gloved hands search for any recognisable structure

will that one be on the next exam you think or is that just a

piece of something that broke off and those EYES just

keep watching and looking and staring but never seeing

maybe it’s time to take the gloves off


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