I’m a hamster spinning on a wheel
The whole world passes by
With every step I take, the wheel
Moves closer to the sky
People walk but no one stops
To chat with little me
I move too fast inside my wheel
For anyone to see
If I run forward, the world runs, too
And if I fall, it freezes
But, for all my effort, the great big world
Will just do as it pleases

I’m a wheel, the hamster inside
Is spinning me around
At first I’m up, then side, then down
And hit the solid ground
The hamster thinks he’s clever
To spin as though he’s mastered life
But I know spinning is an illusion
Which will only bring him strife
But I spin on and let him dwell
In his blithe audacity
Knowing that one day he’ll wake up
And see what I can see

I’m the world, and a hamster inside
Me spins inside its wheel
It runs, then trips, then falls and slips
And gives a little squeal
It sees me through a filter
A pain of tempered glass
But the pictured world he knows
Will never, ever last
Regardless of whether
He decides to run or stay
I’ll continue moving on
To see another day
One day he’ll understand
That I control what’s real
But, until that time,
I’ll let him spin his wheel


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