Locked Up

i’ve been locked in this prison so long that

i can’t see the light i’ve been trapped

inside madness for an everlasting

night and they won’t tell my crime

because no one remembers but i fell

into this life once upon a december

and that day is so clear it’s etched in

my mind and there it will stay until the

end of my time because i fell in love and

love made me blind and now i am locked up

for a love who could never be mine.

Tough Cookie

In the space of a minute

A thousand dreams die

They burst into flames

But still I won’t cry

I’ll stand on my feet

Though the world shakes around

They might toss me aside

But I won’t hit the ground

I’m a tough little fighter

Even though they can’t see

I’m a tough little cookie

There’s no stopping me

I wear my tiara

Proud as a queen

Never mind no one sees it

It’s only for me

I’m punching through walls

Made of steel bricks and stone

They’ve imprisoned me inside

But how can I atone

For something that I did

To save others from pain?

They will never know

To them, this is but a game

But I’m a tough little fighter

Sick of being kicked around

I’m a tough little cookie

And I’ll stand, tall and proud

And I’ll fight to the end

Or until my breath’s gone

I’ve got too much fight left

They can’t ever prove me wrong

But how can I fight against the whole world?

When I’m just…just me? Just one little girl?

But girls are tough little fighters

You should never kick them down

Because they’re tough little cookies

And they’ll come back around

They’ll come back better than ever

With their fists swinging high

We’re all tough little fighters

So now, let’s do or die

A Nightmare’s Power

In my dreams I saw the light

Searing, shining, blinding white

And the deep voice spoke to me: “Come here.”

My feet were stiff, but they dragged me near

Yet in my fear I screamed out, “NO!”

It seemed so right, but I couldn’t go

There still was something I had to do

I couldn’t die, my life wasn’t through

And then I woke, heartbeat on my tongue

Gasping for air as if I’d just run

As confused and broken as while I’d dreamt

No idea what had happened, or what the dream meant

And so I turned over, to go back to sleep

But the fear and chagrin played on repeat

I couldn’t forget what had made me afraid

So I gave up on sleep, and lay there, awake

It’s the solemnest truth, a nightmare’s power

To cheat us of rest; our slumber, devour

If Our Life Was a Movie

If our life was a movie

It wouldn’t end this way

I’d love you forever

And you’d never stray

And we’d live forever

Two very best friends

If our life was a movie

Our love wouldn’t end

But our lives are no movie

And now you are gone

And I’m left alone

To ponder what went wrong

Because our life was no movie

It had no happy end

We started out strangers

And we ended ‘just friends’

Untamed Moon

i write by the light of an untamed moon

that shines in the sky three hours too soon

in the middle of winter, nothing ever seems right

it’s cold, dark and lonely, so i sit here and write

but christmas is coming, and that’s something good

yet with all this chaos, it seems further than it should

there’s so much to do, so much further to fight

but i have no strength. that’s why i sit here and write

as my fingers grow heavy with the weight of my words

the moon lights my way, through an untamed world

The Fork

I’m standing right now

At a fork in the road

Two careers, two paths

But which is best, I don’t know

To be safe and silent

Or to be loud, and stir

The waters of change

Which would you prefer?

And when I write it’s a struggle

To write the right way

Be different, but not too much

Or they’ll send me away

Yet no one seems to know (or care!)

That I’m at this fork, standing

Two routes leads to flight

While the others, a crash landing

Two by two is four

Four futures yet unknown

So I’ll close my eyes and pick

Down which path I wish to go

Personal Writing Rules

  1. Use beautiful words.
  2. Make it flow.
  1. If you’re bored, they’re bored.
  1. Be invested, but not too invested. Have other projects on the side.
  2. Give your characters space to breathe.
  3. Divorce your stories on the second edit. Treat them objectively, not subjectively, as if you are reading someone else’s work.
  4. Take a break, and try something new. Look for a new genre, a new prompt, a new style of writing.
  1. No writing is ever wasted.
  1. Read, read, READ. And don’t be afraid to critique the work of others.
  2. Write what you love.