A Goddess

Oh, she is a goddess who glows in the rain

My beautiful mother, who loves through her pain

Wherever she walks, flowers bloom at her feet

She is the most elegant lady you ever could meet

She shines with perfection, with unaltered grace

Neither silver nor gold shine as much as her face

And her voice is so kind, so gentle and wise

I could listen to her speak until the very end of time

I love when she laughs — like tiny bells ringing

I love when she’s happy, because then she starts singing

But most of all I love the way she loves through her pain

The horrid, hateful sort that won’t leave anyone the same

She always forgives them, though, even when she can’t forget

She understands how people think, and lives her life without regret

Oh, how I wish that I could be half as kind as that!

But I’m a flare of lightning. I burn out in just a flash.

While she’s a candle burning  brightly, so warmly, and so long

There is no one quite like her anywhere: pure and kind, yet so strong.


Go Away

I remember the way she yelled at me

And called me names that I believed

She called me stupid and useless and dumb

But I knew no better, and so I turned numb

But the tears still fell out when I was alone

My heart felt so empty, so broken, so cold

Though I tried to forget, I began to obsess

Even now I’m on edge; I can never find rest

Everywhere that I go, her words haunt me still

“You’ll never be a doctor, you no-good girl!”

I can’t seem to forget how she made me feel

Although now it’s all hazy, as if it wasn’t real

Just like a bad dream that stays with you too long

I can’t forget what she said, though they all say she’s wrong

I know that she wins, when it affects me this way

But how can I forget when her words won’t go away?

The Demon Doctor of Old Fleet Street

At ten AM, the glass doors chime

The Demon Doctor has arrived

Syringes freeze, held in the air

A small child cries out in despair

Waiting rooms part from side to side

As she waddles in, without breaking stride

Her glance could never put any at ease

Her presence is worse than any disease

She’s cold-cut steel with no heartbeat

She’s the Demon Doctor of old Fleet Street

She looks at the charts, and yells at the nurse,

“Aspiration pneumonia? God, get him a hearse!”

She spits at the students and hits them with pens

“Hey, patients are waiting! It ‘s time to begin!”

And then she sits down at the desk like a queen

With the most horrid smirk that I’ve ever seen

She’s absolutely wretched, the cruelest woman you’ll meet

She’s the vile Demon Doctor of old Fleet Street

Angel (Final Version)


And, on the bed, the patient’s crying

He screams out, “God, I think I’m dying!”

I stand there still; his BP drops

He’s bleeding fast; why won’t it stop?

The nurses are worried that he’ll stop breathing

His wound is deep. It keeps on bleeding.

They say he’s been stabbed. Does that mean that he’ll die?

I feel the tears spilling from both of my eyes.

My heart starts to thump like a brass tambourine

This is the scariest thing that I’ve ever seen

I don’t know what to do, or what needs to be done

I don’t know about surgeries; I’ve never seen one!

I look at the patient, and his eyes meet mine

We both know that he’s running out of time

But I can’t say anything. My voice is long gone.

I’m too scared to think; everything seems wrong.

But then she walks in, and they look up

She calms the patient with a single touch

The chaos is rampant all around

But she takes control without making a sound

And she is so patient, so gentle, so kind!

She looks at the chart. Soon, tasks are assigned.

We rush him downstairs to the operating room

Everything is hectic, but she knows what to do

It’s two in the morning, but she never once slips

While I’m stupid and clumsy and feel faint and trip

She always stands up, so confident and tall

She stays in control. She doesn’t panic at all.

The patient is bleeding, but she isn’t scared.

She speaks to him softly, lets him know that she’s there.

Beneath the OR lights, everything glows bright

As, in the dead of night, she rescues a life

Edge of a Dream

The Mother’s Day Poems Begin! — BP

I close my eyes

In dark and cold

I hear her voice

And I am home

Just for a moment

For when I wake

It disappears

And I’m alone

It’s the edge of a dream

A cloud to fall off

A kiss in the wind

A forgotten thought

And she is too far

Worlds away

Stellar torment

Because I can’t stay

But at least she’s there

And at least she’s safe

And at least I’ll see her

Soon, someday

But there are some

Who won’t go home

No mother’s love

All pain, no hope

So I’ll say a prayer

For them tonight

Wish on the stars

That burn so bright

To give them peace

To give them hope

Because, while I will,

They won’t go home

Like Her

In the silence of night, shrill sirens blare

Blue and red blazes cut through the air

Someone is dying; the change is abrupt.

The nurses start shouting, and chaos erupts

I look at the words, so small on the screen

Someone’s been stabbed. CT shows ruptured spleen.

I run to the room, and see all the blood

They try to put pressure, but it flows like a flood

My weak heart is thumping like a big tambourine

This is the scariest thing that I’ve ever seen

I don’t know what to do, or what needs to be done

I don’t know about surgeries; I’ve never seen one!

But everyone is shouting. No one seems to know

What they should be doing, or where we should go.

But then she walks in, and everyone looks up

She calms the patient with a gentle touch

She looks at all the blood, but she doesn’t blink

While I hide in the corner, too scared to think

She tells us get ready; he needs an operation

I’d run to the OR, but I’m unaware of its location

And somehow she sees this, through the chaos around,

And she shows me the way, without making a sound

And she gets what she needs. She knows what to do.

She seems so strong. I wish I could be, too.

But I’m just scared. I’ve never scrubbed in.

I feel goosebumps form all over my skin

I’m just in the way, don’t know what’s going on.

What if something bad happens, or I do something wrong?

But she is so patient, and she is so kind!

How can she be? It blows my mind!

She speaks with such respect and care

That, bit by bit, I forget to be scared

And when we’re in surgery, I don’t faint

Her work is fascinating — her hands don’t even shake!

And she is skilled beyond what I could have believed

How could someone so high up be kind to a student like me?

Do you think that she gets scared at all during nights like these?

No, I can’t see that happening. She seems far too at ease.

Maybe I could be like that, maybe some day far away

A spine of steel, a heart of gold, and hands that never go astray

A kindly presence that emerges just in time to save a life

A kind of healing guardian who turns nightmares into light

More Than Never (Revised)


and i saw the tears my mother cried

when her little daughter died

i couldn’t help to comfort her

i couldn’t speak or call to her

i stood like glass against the wall

she couldn’t seem to see me at all

i had become a kind of ghost

to her, the lady i loved the most

and when she walked up to the grave

i saw the tombstone bore my name

but it was nonsense, all of it

a horror tale that didn’t fit

why did she cry while i stood here

mirroring every one of her tears?

why was i dead? when did i die?

how could i make my mother cry?

it made no sense. who was to blame?

i had died, but my mother felt the pain