Medical Limerick

There once was a man, old and gray

Who came to the doctor’s one day

I said, “Hello, Sir. I see that you’re bleeding.

That’s quite a thick book. What are you reading?”

He held it up proudly. “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Zombie Bees

I thought I’d been stung, but it was only my heart

That same bleeding pulp that you twice tore apart

And now that it’s over, and now that I’m dead,

Is there any regret left in your heart or your head?

Look! My casket’s empty. There’s nothing inside

Not even a body to show that I’ve died

Flames are so friendly, they rise thick and fast

They burn in a passion, but, like love, they don’t last

My body was too haggard, in any case, for show

It was putrid and rotten, just like you left my soul

I loved you to pieces, but you loved me in name

And you broke me apart when I saw through your game

But I couldn’t live while you just brushed me off

My final decision was to make the pain stop!

The gasoline stunk, but the fire was worse

The pain it created merged with all of your hurt

And, right at the end, when it got to my heart

I saw a bee flying, and I felt the tears start

I thought I’d been stung, but now I can see

That that much pain couldn’t come from a bee

It was my heart that was burning, and all of the love

That I bore for you, that the flames rid me of

And, now that it’s over, I can finally see

The monster you were, and the one you made me

No me amó

A.N. My first attempt at a foreign language poem. I would welcome feedback!

La música toca lentamente

Bajo mis pies, bailan la gente

La luna brillante toma atención

Pero sólo refleja mi triste canción

El aire del mar sopla y golpe

Sin pedir perdón, o dice <<disculpe>>

Yo toco mi guitarra mientras ando sólo

Porque amé alguien, pero no me amó

The Devil’s Gone

The devil came to say good-bye

And, when he did, I didn’t cry

I shook his hand, and walked away

Without a single word to say

I washed my hands of him long ago

Before he even started to know

Of all of the ways I’d lied and connived

To go to heaven when I died

Now I’m that dead, the devil’s gone

And I will not do anything else wrong

He cannot force me into sin

I’ve kicked him out; he won’t get back in.

The devil ruled my life, my fate

But now that I’m dead, I have escaped

I’m off up to heaven, that pearly-white cloud

That sits in the skies, miles from the ground

And I’ll sit up there, where it’s safe and nice

And watch all the people who scurry like mice

The people on whom the devil still preys

The people whom Death hasn’t taken away

The people who don’t know when they’ll be free

The people who remind me how I used to be


Take my hand, and I’ll hold it tight,

As we venture together into the night

I’ll stand right beside you as long as I see

That you are still here, that you haven’t left me

But you’ll never leave me; this truth I know.

We’re inseparable, the two pieces of a whole.

You’re the one, true friend I can always count on

You will never betray me, you’ll never move on

When I step closer, you become a little clearer

I see my one friend here, inside this mirror

You know all my pieces, and I know your soul

When our fingers touch, we find one common goal

We’ll be friends for life, without risk of defection

You’ll be with me forever, my loyal reflection

The Music of Angels

I hear your music, the sweet, sweet sound

That lifts me high, far beyond the clouds

I try to join you, but I can’t reach

The notes you sing, so I just screech

But I have fun, though I don’t know the words

I make them up — that’s why it sounds so absurd!

But the music of angels must sound something like this

The rise and the fall drives drown me under pure bliss

When I close my eyes, all I hear is the sound

Of music and singing coming from all around

And, though I don’t know exactly what’s said,

I dance with the music waltzing around in my head

The Millipede

I fight my way through dust and dirt

This blackness binds me like a curse

When men see me, they crush my shell

While women scream, and run as well

I’m rather small, but the world can’t see

Anything else inside of me

They stay fixated on my skin

The blackness branded like a sin

Sometimes they might attempt a smile

And let me stay with them a while

But that’s not right. I don’t belong.

And, soon enough, they see it’s wrong.

That’s when I run — far, far away!

I hide in shadows from the light of day

I creep through cracks to find relief

Inside a house from summer’s heat

But then the children shout and cry

And I crawl fast away, and hide

And when they think I’ve gone, they say

They’ll find a way to make me pay

But I can’t stand this strain, these lies

So I curl up in the corner, and die.

This is the only life I see

It’s a millipede’s life, it is, for me


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