Bloodstained Ballgown

She stands in the room, with the men whom she hates

Who see her and laugh, who can’t appreciate

All the things that she’s done, all the ways that she’s tried

All the blood that’s she bled, all the tears she has cried

She ties up her hair, red paint on her nails

She thinks she looks good, but her heart knows she’s failed

It’s never good enough, not to their eyes, at least

In their eyes, she’s nothing, just some mangy, homebound beast

But she can feel her value, that is, when they’re not around

She knows that she’s lovely, without anyone making a sound

So she ties the ribbons tightly, and lets her dress flow free

The bloodstains on her ballgown go through the night unseen

The Royal Goblins’ Ball

She descends down the stairs in the darkening light

It’s the Royal Goblins’ Ball, on Halloween night

Her eyes dart around with an air of unease

The rooms reeks of rot. It’s lucky none of them breathe.

Everyone is busy, the party’s in full swing

In the corner, two witches teach a young ghoul to sing

A group of mummies roll the dice on the table

While the zombies discuss a new business appraisal

But the dance floor is empty, she can tell at a glance,

Until the young goblin prince extends his hand for a dance

The girl falls in love less than two minutes in

It’s swift as a mudslide but sweeter than sin

She twirls in his arms as the steel bells chime ten

Things won’t be the same, not ever again

She’s fallen in love with this wonderful boy

Her heart’s taken flight — it’s jumping for joy!

Her feet are so light, she hopes the song never ends

She’s found her life’s partner, her very best friend

But young goblins boys think only of one thing

And their sweet dance was over before the bell’s final ring

As she curtseyed her thanks, he tore through her chest

And pulled out her heart, beating bloody from her breast

She had no time to scream, but stood still in shock

As his teeth tore her heart, ripped it cleanly apart

He slurped up the blood as she fell to the ground

Barely registering the applause from the people around

And her blood starts to boil (or would, had she any left)

And her tears start to fall, protesting this heinous theft

And her head falls back with a crack, as she starts to scream

The soul-piercing cries of a wounded banshee

The goblin prince freezes. Even he knows that he’s erred.

For, even amongst royalty, all banshees are feared

And, once she sees she has him, she reciprocates his act

And stabs him with a knife until his very soul has cracked

On Halloween night, nightmares join in a dance

At the Royal Goblin’s Ball, a fête of glamour and class

There are mummies and zombies, witches and cats

Devils and demons, vampires and black cats

But beware the banshees, lest you incur their rage

They’re slow to forget, and their anger’s never repaid

So, please, mind your manners, and eat only what’s served!

Don’t bite your dancing partner — really, that’s absurd!

Just try to be careful, and you’ll have fun without fright

At the Royal Goblins’ Ball, on those Halloween nights

Mis Sueños

No habría sol salvo en mis sueños

Y quiero soñar, pero no soy el dueño

No controla mis sueños, aunque deseo que sí

Porque nadie los comprende, salvo mí

Y veo todos los monstruos que me persiguen por día

Y levantándome es, por terminarlos, la única vía

No puedo respirar ni dormido ni despierto

Porque nunca no sé si lo que veo es cierto

Victim of Fear

In the heart of the dark, when there’s no sign of day

She sells him her soul, just to get him to stay

She cuts off her wings, and bends ’til it hurts

For the day that she met him was the day she was cursed

She can’t get away. His pull is too strong.

The shame is too great. Who cares if it’s wrong?

He loves in the dark, and she gives up the fight

For she knows that, for her, nothing ever goes right

So why even try? Why endeavour to fail?

She’s nothing without him. She’s not even real.

So she’ll love him forever, just to keep him right here

She’s trapped in his mischief, another victim of fear.

on his high

he lies in the dark, on white stretcher sheets

his veins fill with blood, but his heart doesn’t beat

he lies in the dark, in a grim, shadowed room

visited only by Death, who arrived far too soon

he lived life indifferent, loved drugs and drink

(the young learn to drive far before they can think)

that’s why rubber burns as glass shatters around

the car bends and folds, as he’s thrown to the ground

and he won’t wake up, no, Death never gives in.

we might rage in battle, but Death always wins.

here he lies on a bed from which he’ll never rise

the boy in the dark, who crashed on his high

quiet girl

that if women are doctors they must be gossips

fat loud mouths that wag and drag

no nice girls from good families


be pushy! interrupt! be assertive! aggressive!

question everything

run your tongue

polite? pshaw! this is the twenty-first century!

women have rights!

don’t let your patient speak! interrupt! interrupt!


what a sop

you’ll never be a doctor if you don’t


interrupt! interrupt! don’t ask permission, that’s weak. WEAK!!!

push yourself in there! push ’em out of the way!

act like a doctor! don’t be friendly, or kind.

and don’t, god forbid, be that dreaded p-p-polite.

we don’t use the p-word in here. p…p…pshaw!

you da boss! you da man! you’ve got it, so flaunt it!

you first, others second.

that’s what being a doctor’s all about.

so, for the love of god, girl, don’t be quiet. SPEAK UP!!!

torches of fright

i look at the stars, and hear all the screams

of anguish and grief that cut through my dreams

i see them in daylight, and live through the nights

when stardust and moonlight burn torches of fright

it’s all in my head. i know what they say

it’s just a phase, dear. it will soon end, one day

but i just keep dreaming of monsters too real

they’re a reflection of me, and all that i feel

they appear in my head, and to torture and haunt

they show all that i am, while hiding all that i want

and i can’t escape, no, i can’t be set free

these nightmares, these monsters, they keep stalking me

and even in dreams, they follow me there

though there’s nothing to touch. they’re made of pure air.