Every step I take away
Is one step further from you
And every time I turn away
There’s nothing you can do
Everything we ever were
Is a memory passing by
And that is why, my dearest friend,
I’ve come to say good-bye

Please don’t miss me too much now
It will not help at all
And I will not be there to answer
If you try to call
I have erased your phone number
From my memory
And you will thank me soon, some day,
Though now you cannot see

Love Lockdown

Love is a crime that binds us to pain
Handcuffed to walls of heartache and blame
Bleeding from scabs cut out of our hearts
Leaving us broken, with souls torn apart
Trapped behind bars of sin and deceit
Locked inside dungeons with hearts incomplete
Love is a crime denounced by our lies
Leaving us broken and empty inside
Love is the secret we sow in the dark
Blown into pieces by one single spark
The fires ignite, sending whole lives in flames
Leaving us charred in the ashes and chains
Chains on our hearts that now have no end
Chains that grow stronger each time we’re condemned
Chains wrapping tightly on our hands and knees
Chains that are choking and bear down and squeeze
Love is the chain that binds my heart to yours
Love is the key that’s locked all of these doors
Locked me inside so you’ll never find me
But you should know better — your love cannot bind me
I’m tied to a pipe in the cellar of love
I dangle over cliffs from the branches above
The rocks there are sharper than your love’s sting
But when I breathe your gas, I forget everything
When my head’s on the block, I could swear myself true
When my neck’s in the noose, I think only of you
When my sentence is passed, I look in your eyes
But when you look back, all of that love dies
Because I know my crime, and I’ve done my time
And now that we’re through, love’s no longer a crime

It Was Just Right There…

A.N. Wrote this a while ago. Picture not mine. 


The pain is too great. It cuts through my heart, but there is no blood.

My head is surrounded, and the pain blots out the light.

It forms paper cut-outs which dance in the night.

It falls in front of me, taunting, teasing.

I stretch my arm, but, this time, it doesn’t move.

It is a knife, a blade, a dagger…sharp…waiting.

I tighten my grip, and pull it towards my chest.

For a moment, time stands still.

I tug my heart out of my chest, and hold it in my hands.

A pool of blood follows, and I feel my soul released into the emptiness around me.

The pulsing mass in my hands is puny. Pathetic. Its bleeding beat flutters.

Why should something so small cause so much pain?

The vessels are still connected. They lead from my chest, pulsing in a strange synchrony. How easy they would be to cut!

Indeed, everything around me – the whole world! – seems to beat in rhyme.

If I clipped the connection, would I run out of time?

Is this pain worth feeling? I don’t trust myself to decide.

But how can I live like this, holding my heart in my hands?

A beating heart means bleeding pain.

But a bleeding heart will never start again.

The choice lies before me, a dagger in the night.

If I sever the chords, would the pain slip away?

Or would it persist, only blocking my way?

Could a heart have a use, beyond spilling my tears?

I can’t imagine it does, even in my wildest fears.

But it sits in front of me, completely at my mercy.

It doesn’t beg, doesn’t speak, only sits there…and beats.

A faithless servant, feigning loyalty, while it conspires with the pain.

Together, they’re unstoppable. Yes, I plead with it in vain.

But this hole in my chest leaves me empty and incomplete.

If I put my heart back in, would this heartbreak just repeat?

All I know is I can’t feel this pain any more!

So I cut out my heart, and leave it on the floor…



Crazy Limerick

A.N. Yes, it’s not really a limerick. It’s forced and trite and altogether unpleasant. Perhaps I’ll edit it sometime.

It started with a note stuck on the door
You said you couldn’t see me anymore
I tried to call your phone
But nobody was home
And that’s how I found out that you were gone

So I took the car and drove towards your house
But the whole place was as quiet as a mouse
I knocked on all the doors
Saw the dust on all the floors
And knew this wasn’t what you left me for

So I sat down and wondered what to do
To go back home or try to follow you
But where could you have gone?
Did I do something wrong?
You didn’t even leave a single clue

Two days later I was walking through my yard
When a girl in shorts walked up across the lawn
She called me by my name
Said hers was just the same
And said her boyfriend had been missing three whole days

Now, there’s a riddle I don’t want to know
But now I see why you just had to go
She’d caught you in the act
You crept behind her back
And you used me to hide you from the truth

So, don’t come back here crawling on your knees
I don’t want to hear your sorrow or your pleas
I’m so glad you are gone
So I can now move on
I’ve finally learnt my lesson
Have you started to learn yours?

Monster I Have Become

i killed hope in the chilly dawn pulled

up my sleeves and the deed was

done i never thought twice only took

the plunge and now you can see the

monster i have become yes that’s why

children run from me and good people

hide it’s because they see the truth they can

see it in my eyes oh i never thought when i did it that

it could haunt me so but now i’m a murderer and

that’s the only truth i know oh please don’t tell me

otherwise and justify the deed you see i did it oh so quickly

i didn’t really believe and hope is so very trusting and it’s

really the sweetest thing but i killed hope

one morning when i went murdering.


He sold me out in the dead of night

His pale face framed by a lantern’s light

He spoke to the devil and laughed at my pain

While I hid outside, getting drenched by the rain


I called him a friend, but, now, he’s a fool

He broke all the oaths, disregarded the rules

He held me in his heart, but money pushed me out

And he sold my secrets without any sign of doubt


I walked back to camp, stumbled through the rain

Wondered what to do, how to hide my pain

I couldn’t let him see the damage he had done

Both he and I knew that, without battle, he had won


If we ever meet again, I hope he’ll watch his back

You never know when sweet revenge will call for an attack

His betrayal scarred my heart, and I’ll never be the same

Mine was a foolish, trusting heart, but it’s the only one to blame


I love you

      like a feather in the wind

Like a string on a kite

Like an insect drawn to light

The light blows out

                                   and the bug is gone

     something is wrong

The kite blows away

The dawn fades to day

My eyes open, and I see

The bird that used to be

Has let its feathers fly away

like all my love






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