King with a Ring

Yay, a song!!!! The bridge could be seen as a third verse, I suppose. 

Hopefully the formatting comes out well. 



I never thought I’d find the one

Who’d rip my heart out just for fun

But we live on to hide the shame

You hold my hand, I hold my pain


And I’ll wear a mask, while you wear a crown

I’ll bite my cheek, form a smile from a frown

But you’ll carry on, you’ll feel so alive!

While I’m rotting here, dying on the inside


You never thought I could be hurt

Or you just didn’t care — I don’t know which is worse

With so many faces, you sometimes forget

Which one you are showing, and which I should get


But I’ll wear a mask, while you wear your crown

And I’ll cry my tears without making a sound

Their prying eyes won’t see the betrayal I know

And that’s how the rest of my story will go


I’d leave in a heartbeat, if the shame weren’t so great

But my family’s honour is tied to the stake

So I’ll grit my teeth, and I’ll bite my tongue

And stay by your side, just like I belong


But I’ll wear a mask, and you’ll wear a crown

And I’ll bite my cheek, keep my lips from a frown

While you carry on, I’ll whisper your name

Cursing the day when I took the same


Beneath my mask, I’ll never forgive

The lies that you told, the damage you did

Your deception is cutting, your escapades sting

But I cannot leave because I’m wearing your ring

Only a Game

but then all of my dreams burst into

flames the wind blew the ashes just like

it was a game and i couldn’t believe all the

pain it had caused but he walked out the door and

then he was gone and he’ll never come back no matter

how hard i pray and i’ll be alone at the end of the

day so maybe the burnt ends could show me some

truth but i know i’m hopeless because i once loved

you and that’s all my fault and i know that you

lied but the day that you left me was the day that

i died and i’m so sorry you left and it was like the sun

had just burnt out so suddenly and then we were

done but i never imagined that my life would change

but for you i know it was only a game

Autumn Still

Autumn’s colours are ablaze

Summer’s heat, a lingering haze

A dense fog falls around the steeple

The street is filled with dancing people

Music blasts from staticky speakers

Sermons are shouted by finicky preachers

People are happy, people are proud

Hearts beat as one throughout the crowd

It’s a vacation, a big celebration

Though no one seems to recall the occasion

Right in the middle a little girl stands

Clutching a dolly between her hands

She looks lost and she looks alone

But no one questions why she’s on her own

It’s as if no one sees her, standing apart

Tears streaming down like she’s broken her heart

Trembling, terrified that nobody cares

None of them knows the burden she bears

She squeezes by strangers, but they don’t look down

No one notices that she makes no sound

She reaches the chapel and peeks inside

Only to find the food piled high

Biscuits and pastries and pasties galore

Juices and jellies and candies and more

All waiting there for the guests’ waiting hands

All out of reach from where this girl stands

She knows she can’t enter a church of the Lord

She is forever forbidden divine reward

Heaven is somewhere she’ll never go

Angels ignore her because all of them know that

She’ll never learn what matters the most

She’ll never love, because she is a ghost

And because she can’t love, she cannot find hope

And, without hope, there’s no way to cope

With the struggles of life and the pain of the world

Not you, nor me, nor a lonely little girl

In the shadow of God, unseen by all

In the frolics around her, she feels so small

But she’ll stay this way, until time ends

Lost and alone, with no family or friends

The world will move on, but her time stands still

Just like, for all ghosts, time always will

Love is a Lie

If you told me you loved me, I’d tell you a lie

To keep you from leaving, keep you here by my side

I don’t want you to love me, but I feel alone

So I will return the love that you’ve shown

I don’t love you like that, but I need someone to care

And when no one’s with me, I start to feel scared

So I hide my feelings, the truth locked inside

And I say that I love you, need you here by my side

I might start to like you, but love is a stretch

The thought of your touch makes me tremble and retch

I want to be friends, but you ask for much more

So I let you have it. All that I ask for

Is a few minutes of your time when the nights are too long

Being here by myself feels so lonely, so wrong

I’ll tell you I love you to convince you to stay

Even though it’s a lie, I’ll let you have your way

Baby Love

I love you when I’m sleeping

I love you when I’m awake

I love you when it’s nighttime

I love you every day

I love you when I’m happy

I love you when I’m sad

I love you when I’m frightened

And I love you when you’re mad

I love you when I know I love you

And I still love you when I don’t

I’ll love you every day and night

Even if I say I won’t

I love you because you’re perfect

I love you because you’re you

I love you because it feels right

I love you because that’s all I can do

I love you when you’re near me

I love you when we’re apart

I love you when I can’t find you

I love you with all my heart

I’ll love you until the day I day

I’ll love you for even longer

My love for you will grow and grow

The years will make it stronger

I cannot help but love you

Because you are like no other

And I always love you

Because you are my mother

I’ll Live On

A.N. I apologise, WordPress has messed up the formatting again. Or, I suppose I have, since I am not the best WordPress user. In any case, sorry. 

I don’t look at you because I am scared

You might see inside me, and I’m not prepared

To bare my whole soul for the whole world to see

So I turn my head and hope you’ll let me be

But you kneel beside me, and you take my hand

I don’t speak to you because I know I’m damned

They’ve told me my body won’t linger for long

And that makes me wonder what I did so wrong

But you talk of peace, and you speak of love

You tell me it’s better in the world up above

You tell me that dying is just a grand start

To something much better, if I’d open my heart

And I start to listen, and I start to learn

I start to accept the things I used to spurn

And I start to talk, and people start to listen

I’ve finally found the purpose that seemed to be missing

You’ve turned my love into an eternal flame

A beacon of hope to burn away pain

Though my body may wither, my message will stay

And that’s why I’ll live on even after my last day

Transcription, or Authors Lurking on the Shuttle

I am standing at the bus stop.


A girl is standing next to me, backpack slung on one shoulder.


At first I thought she was speaking to me, but now I see the pink i-Phone pressed to her ear.

Yeah, it’s me. I, like, had to park so far away.


It’s, like, unreal. It’s totally like a five minute walk.

Oh. Poor dear.

Yeah. Uh-huh. But you wouldn’t believe it. There’s just so many cars.

Mmm…this is a school.

Uh-huh. Yeah, pollution. But don’t worry! I’ll be there in, like, a few more minutes. God, I’m so excited!

I can tell.

It’s just so, like…oh, the bus is here.

Well, so it is.

I’m a-gonna get on. Oops, sorry! Didn’t see you there!

Don’t worry about it. Your conversation is far too interesting for me to be annoyed.

Oh, yeah, classes! Classes are, like, totally awesome!

That was an amazing ponytail flip.

Uh-huh. And there’s this totally hot boy who sits next to me. He’s, like, so dreamy.

I can’t believe people actually speak like this in real life.

His name? I dunno. He’s such a hottie!

And that prevents you from learning his name?

Uh-huh! Yeah, all the boys here are totally hot.

Now we get to the real meat of the issue.

Yeppers! Oh, man, we’re, like, almost here! I’m a-gonna hang up now.

What? Why?!?! This is the most fascinating phone call I’ve heard in a while.

Totally! Stay cool, girl! See ya in a few!

Oh, she hung up…but that was a fascinating conversation. This is going in a story somewhere. It has to. It just has to.

Somewhere, far, far away, an evil laugh echoed through a laptop’s CPU…


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