Winter Eyes

She enters the room, beauty and grace

Long, soft curls framing her face

Black leather boots and a knitted shawl

The picture of poise, strong and tall

My eyes follow her as she moves through the room

From her desk to the board, a cloud of perfume

A strange spicy smell, sickly and sweet

Reminds me of shortbread and holiday treats

Her hair is still damp from the snowflakes outside

The glittering drops shine in the light

And through her snowy lashes, I see winter eyes

Fresh from the cold, reflecting the skies

She’s a stranger to me, but, soon, I’ll know her well

The burdens she bears, she won’t ever tell

But she’ll hide them all beneath a smile and a song

And, through her strength, I’ll find the courage to finally move on

dear santa

dear santa

could i please have a little sister for

christmas this year i would treat her so

much better than i did the last one i

swear i’d be ever so gentle and take so much more

care and maybe you could leave her right there

under the tree just sitting under the light

waiting for me i’d really love her love her a

lot and i promise you i’d never stop it wouldn’t

be too hard to do just take a hammer and some

screws and carve her face just like you do and please

dear santa make my wish come true it wouldn’t be

too hard i think to give me a sister or even a brother

would do but i just want a friend who will love me

for who i am just a little friend to have my back i’d

give her presents and play games with her and gossip and

share clothes with her she’d be so perfect

do you have a lot of sisters in your workshop

i’d like one who’s a little shorter than me for a change

the last one was quite nice but when she went away

mama said you needed to take her back for a day to fix her up so

i played alone but it’s been months and she’s not back and

i guess that that’s okay but santa could i have another

a sister, please, though i guess a brother is okay too if he’d play

with me just send somebody anybody please and i’d really like

somebody because the house is always too still and mum and dad

are crying and i think they always will so please just send somebody i’d even take an elf if he’d sit tucked up when he slept i’d keep him on the shelf

i’d never ask you for a refund i swear

so santa could you please hear my prayer

a sister okay that’s all i need

i’ll leave the cookies and milk by the tree

and maybe a marshmallow or two or three

now i’ll give this to daddy to send in the post

daddy daddy why are you crying

Water Fall

Roaring water in the night

Raging rapids full of might

Pounding miles beneath my feet

As overhead the clouds complete

A vicious cycle of rain and rage

A battle storm and river wage

As I stand here, upon this bridge

Connecting the countries where I once lived

But I never belonged, they’d always reject

The attempts I made to try to connect

I was labeled as “foreign”, “different”, “insane”

Children are cruel, but I know the pain

Of never quite knowing where to belong

The places I lived always seemed wrong

But I know the water beneath me’s a friend

Never judging or cruel, it’s with me to the end

And now that I’m here, though the rapids are loud

And the stars have been blotted by heavy storm clouds,

I’m not afraid of the plunge that will connects all my lives

The water will cleanse me of the pain and the lies

And, when I’m a ghost, I will not be missed

The past where I fought will fade into mist

And, just like the river, I’ll run to the sea

Dancing under raindrops where both of us are free

I’ll be dancing under moonlight, and as we run along

I’ll finally find the place where I can finally belong

Hell’s Gold

Hell’s demon awakens, eyes turned to gold

Wrinkled skin sags, but he’s not that old

He lies between sheets, alone in the bed

Waiting in silence until, at last, he is dead

The face of pure evil, she’s seen him before

While they were fighting, when they were at war

And now that it’s over, and her side has won

She can see the destruction, see the things that she’s done

No, she isn’t proud, but he’ll soon be dead

The swift-acting plague her side had to send

Demons can’t survive the love of the skies

But, why then, why did this sight make her cry?

She was an angel of God, he was the scourge of the Earth

The scum of the dirt, of no value or worth

A terrible man who’d done terrible things

But why, then, did his death make her heart sting?

There isn’t a place for demons up here

Hell only knows how to torture and fear

But Earth needs to be loved, to be nourished and grow

With the light sent from heaven, an ethereal glow

Yet she sits beside him, and she takes his hand

But he doesn’t hear her, his mind’s far from this land

She looks at his eyes, the sickening whites

The pupils constricted, as if he’s seen the light

And there, while she lingers, his last breath escapes

And Hell’s demon pays for his final mistake

All transgressions forgotten, now he’s just a shell

And now that’s she’s seen him, she is as well

Monster in the Mirror

I see a monster in the mirror

With each breath, it’s growing clearer

Coming closer, reaching out

Reminding me whenever I doubt

That it’s not real, it’s just my mind

Playing games and twisting time

My face looks faded, haggard, torn

My cheeks are sagging, my skin is worn

My eyes are hollowed, their lids are red

My soul is empty, and I look dead

That monster’s there, I see is coming

That monster there who I’m becoming

There’s no escape, I’m not immune

Though not there yet, I will be soon

Pure Energy

Words race inside me lining up to break out

Tugging and pulling, trying hard to reach out

Reaching for something in the distance, growing strong

Words pounding hard to break out inside of me

Roaring and racing, they’re made of pure energy

Aiming for something I can’t see, they run along

But I’m losing them, they’re fading

Somebody grab them fast, they’re fading!

Words pouring out too fast for me to write down

Hands flying so fast, the room starts to spin around

All of my words are flying around my head

Words falling freely from my heart into my veins

Bridging the distance, now I think I’ve gone insane

Crazy with all the lost words that have fled

And I’ve lost them all, they’ve faded

All the words I couldn’t write down, they’ve faded!

And I’ve lost them all, they’ve vanished

All the words I couldn’t write once I panicked!

Watching and waiting in silence, on I write

Lacking the words to make my verse strong and bright

I don’t have the words that sound quite right, anymore

For Forever

A.N. Another song without music…:.( I’ll try for some chords. It has a bit of a melody in my head. But feel free to experiment, if you feel so inclined. :.D



So you want to stay forever

So you say that I’m the one

I thought I’d love you for forever

But now I see that I was wrong

Don’t want to have to put up with it

Don’t want to sing another break-up song

But, darling, if you walk away now

Oh, darling, don’t you walk away now


Oh, I could love you forever

But I can’t, it’s wrong, I know

But that won’t stop my heart from loving

I’ll fall apart if you go

But I won’t come with you

I just have to stay strong

But I can’t stop my heart from loving

Even though it feels so wrong


Please don’t tell me it’s forever

I don’t want to be the reason that you stay

You won’t love me for forever

I’m just another game you want to play

But I’ll wait up all night for you

I’ll be waiting by the phone to hear your voice

You’ll say you’ll love me for forever

Oh, but, darling, you don’t leave me any choice


Oh, I could love you for forever

But I can’t, it’s wrong, I know

But that won’t stop me from believing

I know I’ll far apart when you go

But I’ll stay behind

I know that you’re no good

But, darling, you know it hurts

Much more than it should


I’d love you for forever, if I didn’t know better

I can’t acquiesce, but my heart is saying yes!


Oh, oh, oh


Oh, I could love you for forever

But I can’t, it’s wrong, I know

But that won’t stop my heart from loving

I’ll fall apart if you go

But I won’t come with you

I just have to stay strong

But I can’t stop my heart from loving

Even though it feels so wrong


It’s so wrong

When you’re gone

But I’ll move on

I have to move on


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