Garden of Broken Hearts

A.N. So many song-poems like this…I’m starting to sound like Taylor Swift. 0.0

Every night we walked together
Beneath the stars and pale moonlight
You kissed me and said, “I’ll always love you”
I should have known that was a lie

You left me behind the fountain
You left me with open arms
I love you, but now I’m broken
I walk alone beneath the stars

Every night, you’d turn the lights off
Sing a song, and say good-night
I loved you, but now you’ve left me
Shrouded in eternal night

You left me between the roses
You left me still wrapped in starlight
Your memory will haunt my days
Your absence kills me every night

I love you, but you don’t love me
We were one, but then you left
Stole my mind, and stole my heartbeat
My whole life is now bereft

I loved you, inside our garden
I love you, and that’s the truth
You’re long gone, and though it hurts,
I can’t stop me from loving you

Don’t Miss Me

Mama, I wish I could tell you
That you mean the world to me
Every night, I hear you crying
But you hide, so I don’t see

You’re in pain, but I can’t help you
Your heart bleeds, but I’m not there
Can’t you hear me calling softly
Sending kisses through the air?

I know well the day I left you
You cried so hard, I thought you’d die
Calling, “Please, come back, my baby!”
But there’s no road from death to life

You’re in pain, but I can’t help you
Your heart bleeds, but you’re alone
My hug falls through empty spaces
And in the dark, we’re on our own

Mama, I wish that I could help you
Mama, I wish that I was there
Though I moved on, I still can hear you
When you’re in my heart, you’re everywhere

So, please don’t cry, ’cause I can’t take it
I hear your pain, and curse the day
That heaven sent its finest angels
To come to Earth to take me away

Mama, please, don’t cry so much
Mama, please, don’t miss me so
Mama, soon, we’ll be together
But I will wait for you, don’t you know?

Mama, please, my heart is breaking
Mama, please, just let me go
I love you, so please don’t hurt me
Please, Mama, don’t miss me so!


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Don’t call me tonight
I won’t be not around
I’ll be out with another
A new love that I’ve found
A new life without you
So don’t ask me to stay
The love that we had
Has faded away

Don’t call me tonight
I’ll be dancing on air
I’ll be out with the owls
On a dark street somewhere
So don’t wait up for me
Because I won’t come back
The passionate flames
Have faded to black

Don’t call me tonight
There’s nobody home
You won’t find me waiting
On my sofa, alone
So don’t waste your time
Go try other things
Because if you call
My phone will just ring

Growing Alone

Growing up is Growing Alone

And nothing is forever…

We’re children twice, and times crawls by

For the very old and the very young

But, in the middle, life’s a blur

The soul’s on fire, and love’s astir

The secrets in the dark foretold

As secrets for a soul are sold

The world’s a chase, we hurry through

Fires blazing, yet nothing to do

But in the dusk and dawn of life

Time elongates the pain and strife

The old look back on lives they knew

While children laugh their whole lives through

But the one thing they always seem to want

Is to hurry up and grow on up

But nothing is forever, you know

And growing up means growing alone

Children think growing up is exciting, everywhere

You turn is something new to see, new to do, new to be

Grown-ups can have all the fun

They can stay up all night and see the sun

Rise in the morning, then go to bed

Or watch TV, if they’d rather, instead

Or read the books on the highest shelf

Or go to the store, or the cinema, or anywhere they jolly well please.

But nothing is forever, you know

And growing up means growing alone

Once you reach a certain age

Your story is written on a different page

You’re an adult now, so act like one

Doesn’t matter if your ready, it’s what’s expected

There’s no time more to be protected

By parents and friends, so off you go

Time is moving faster, now that you know

And you might have fun, that is, until you fall

And there’s no one there waiting for you to call

At times like this, you’re realise that

You’ve finally grown up, at the drop of a hat

Everything comes together, and now you can see

Growing up isn’t everything you thought it would be

And when all the doors have locked, and all the ways are barred

You’ll realise that, maybe, you’ve been living too hard

But nothing is forever, you know

And growing up means growing alone

Freedom is Loneliness, as you stand there and watch

Everyone you ever loved leave you

Everything you ever knew change you

Yes, you’ll be free, but at a terrible price

One in which fate has already cast the dice

Do you want to be free?

You don’t have a choice.

Fate’s hand moves over the sky

And everything you ever loved tells you good-bye

A phone call tonight, and Granny is gone

Faded with the movement of another setting sun

Tomorrow, another, is it Grandpa or Ben?

Everything you ever knew changes, and then,

As soon as you move on, another disaster strikes

And the gravestones multiply in vertical stripes

You kneel in the grass, remember the day

When each of your loved ones slipped away

My brother, my sister, my neighbour, my friend

All met their makers in an untimely end

I don’t remember Brother, but I remember Sister well

And every time I hear her name, I hear the echo of a knell

It’s not just death that makes us move on, it’s life itself, too

That boy you knew in high school sure as hell won’t remember you

Yes, nothing is forever, you know,

And growing up means growing alone

One day, my parents won’t be here, and I’ll be all alone

No friends, no siblings, not even a dog to even call my own

Everyone is gone, and I’m grown up, and that’s the way things are

From now until the day I die, that’s the way things are

Growing up means looking in the mirror

And seeing the faces of the dead

Staring back at you

The faces of traitors and lovers alike

The faces of the past

The faces that didn’t last

Growing up means going to a funeral

And knowing the person who once

Lived in that body

Not just a name

Because you feel the pain

Now, you start to understand

What it means to be alone

Because you are alone


You’re full grown

Petals at Night

Petals in the moonlight lay

Scattered on the ground

And all our hope was washed away

By the tears streaming around

In the dim light I could see

A shadow of the past

What we were, what we could be

But none of it could last

The wind blows petals through the night

And nothing else remains,

Save the memory of a fading light

And a multitude of pain

So I alone will walk along the path

And leave my past behind

I’ll push aside the hurt and wrath

And reignite my pride

I’ll walk along, and I’ll be strong

Because that’s all there’s left to do

All the times you did me wrong

Make it easy to go without you

I don’t need you, you’re a festering sore

That hurts much more than it should

So I’ll move on, I’ll take no more,

Though I wouldn’t if I could

So I’ll just count the petals lying

On the ground around me

And I’ll refrain myself from defining

My life by those around me

The petals will be blown away

Just like my thoughts of you

And the best part our of all of this

Is that there’s nothing you can do

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To Love an Angel

This is a rather childish verse. The sentiment is sweet, I suppose,  but the rhyme and rhythm are forced. However, you might still enjoy it, so here it is. ^.^

Angels are fluttering, feathery things

They float in the clouds on white satin wings

They’re pure as the moonlight and bright as the sun

But make sure that you never, ever fall in love with one

They’ll wear down your heart, yes, that’s what angels do

Such heavenly creatures were not meant for you

They’ll smile and they’ll wave, but their gestures mean naught

Yet all this you’ll learn when, by an angel, you’re caught

They spin a fine web, without meaning to

They’ll capture your heart, then they’ll capture you

You can spend your whole life side-by-side with their wings

But one day they’ll leave you to do other things

Angels aren’t meant for Earth, they’re meant for the sky

And there’s no other ending, than saying good-bye

Your angel will leave because it isn’t right

For a beautiful angel love to burn quite so bright

So be careful where you walk, and be careful who you love

That person who you’re watching might be an angel from above!

But they’ll break your heart, so you have to walk away

And look for another — that is the only way.


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