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To Love an Angel

This is a rather childish verse. The sentiment is sweet, I suppose,  but the rhyme and rhythm are forced. However, you might still enjoy it, so here it is. ^.^

Angels are fluttering, feathery things

They float in the clouds on white satin wings

They’re pure as the moonlight and bright as the sun

But make sure that you never, ever fall in love with one

They’ll wear down your heart, yes, that’s what angels do

Such heavenly creatures were not meant for you

They’ll smile and they’ll wave, but their gestures mean naught

Yet all this you’ll learn when, by an angel, you’re caught

They spin a fine web, without meaning to

They’ll capture your heart, then they’ll capture you

You can spend your whole life side-by-side with their wings

But one day they’ll leave you to do other things

Angels aren’t meant for Earth, they’re meant for the sky

And there’s no other ending, than saying good-bye

Your angel will leave because it isn’t right

For a beautiful angel love to burn quite so bright

So be careful where you walk, and be careful who you love

That person who you’re watching might be an angel from above!

But they’ll break your heart, so you have to walk away

And look for another — that is the only way.

The Batman

Like the Caped Crusader himself you

Fly into my dreams and arrest my train

Of thoughts just before it flies of the cliff but

As soon as the sun touches my eyes I

Find that you’re gone, just a shadow in my

Imagination, another ghost in my past.

It’s five seconds to midnight, and all of my lights

Are flickering as the bombs count down my final

Seconds of living and you’re battling the Joker on

Top of the building and I wonder if you can see me all the

Way down here, if you even know me or care that

It’s my life you’re fighting for even though you’ve

Never met me and I only see you in my dreams.

But you’re too late, I’m already broken, the

Shards of my soul have been scattered by a different

Villain, and there’s nothing left for you to save but the

Ashes that could fit in a pill bottle if you really tried.

So fly into the night and save some other girl because

This one’s already broken and her love is broken, too.

I’m just another broken dreamer waiting at the

Window for a superhero to appear, but no superhero

Wants a girl whose too far gone to ever be whole again.

Words Fade Away

You’re here in the pages of the books that I write

A presence which falls like an untimely blight

You stain all my words and you blot all the ink

With the tears that I lose every time that I think

Of what we used to have, and how we used to be

But now all I can write is how you’re not here with me


I’m here at the end of the story of us

Where the words that I wrote weren’t enough for your love

And I know, you’ll be there, I’ll be here,

And all these words will fade away…


You’re here in the chapters of books that I read

Each new page reminds me of your love’s disease

You haunt every word that I read through the day

Reminders of that time when you slipped away

And every first kiss is our last kiss goodbye

Each fairy-tale ending makes me want to cry


I’m here at the edge where our story began

A cliff — one more step, and my story will end

But you’ll move on, right along,

And all these words will fade away

Like I’ll fade away…


I’m here at the end of the story of us

All the words in the world weren’t enough for your love

So I’ll step away, slip away

And everything will fade away

And you’ll fade away…


Fairy Tale Gone Wrong

Once upon a time, I heard the story of a princess

Locked up in a tower of stone

She was beautiful and kind and dainty and polite

But she was living all alone

Waiting for a prince to sweep her off her feet

And wrap her in a sweet romance

But a princess like this just couldn’t be real

That love wouldn’t stand a chance


This life’s a fairy tale gone wrong

Can’t find an ending where I belong

Nothing turned out right

Nothing good in sight

Don’t know where I’m going when the sun goes down tonight


Once upon a time there was a pretty peasant maid

Who kissed a frog beneath the full moon

And in my dreams I see a mermaid queen

Swimming in a clear lagoon

But those are just stories, fantastic distractions

Nothing like I thought it would be

My story’s ending’s the perfect disaster

No happiness here for me


This life’s a fairy tale gone wrong

Can’t find an ending where I belong

Can’t figure it out

Nothing but doubts

Don’t know where I’m going when the lights go out


I wish I could change it all, but I know I can’t

No magic wand or words to help me enchant

I’m lost and alone in this fantasy verse

No happy ending left, just an everlasting curse


This life is a fairy-tale gone wrong

Can’t find an ending where I belong

Nothing turned out right

Nothing good in sight

Don’t know where we’re going when the sun goes down tonight


I’ve passed a lifetime

Without you by my side

Watched your love ebb

Like a moonless summer tide

Hid myself from the truth

While you held onto your pride

Forgetting you is easy

When I remember how you lied



Here, where the ocean meets the sky

And blends into haze

I can lie alone and watch the sun

And live my carefree days

I harbour no ill will about

That time we parted ways

The ocean is too vast, you know,

For a drop of you to stay



So please don’t mind me, I’ve cut the ties

The ones you built on your disguise

Such rickety love will always die

You can’t build a ship on shadows and lies

So don’t wait around for the tide to rise

I won’t be here, I’m off to the skies

And maybe, one day, you’ll catch me in your eyes

When I’m on top of the world, where  I’ll be flying high







The Wrong Side

He was standing on the wrong side of the ocean, the side where the cacti filled the skyline and the languages were strange. The journey was a blur and the planning, even vaguer still, but he knew one thing for certain.

He couldn’t go back. Not today. Not tomorrow.

Not ever.

After all, what was there for him to go back for? A few pieces of rocks laid over the newly-turned ground?

No. He could never go back. He could never see that again. In person, that is. Nothing he seemed to do could stop the dreams and the flashbacks. He saw them in his dreams. In his nightmares. In every waking moment when his mind slipped from reality.

No. He wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t live his life with ghosts. And he was ready to give himself reason not to. Just in case he had second thoughts about it sometime down the road.

And it wasn’t as though anyone would miss him. There was no lifeguard on this stretch of the beach. No one was paying attention to him, one man with a pasty face and an oversized Hawaiian t-shirt haphazardly paired with Gucci browns.

Seven minutes. That was all it would take. Or was it ten? It didn’t matter. He had nothing to come out for.

The man waded into the water until it was knee deep.

Nothing to live for but pain and memories.

Hip deep.

The pain…the pain was too much.

Waist deep.

Perhaps he should have brought his jacket. Would that have made it easier to stay down in the water?

Chest deep.

“Hey, mister!”

It was a boy. An American boy, by his accent.

Right. This place was considered a haven for American tourists.

“Would ya like to see a trick, mister?”

Why was this boy speaking to him? The man bowed his head, concentrating on the water, but the boy either didn’t notice, or didn’t care, and paddled over with the awkward, clumsy strokes of youth.

“Mister…” sang the boy. “Ya look glum. Real glum. My mom says that’s a ten-dollar word. Glum. Ya know that, mister?”

This boy…this boy was wrong. Too full of life. Too…too real.

Too much like the ones he had lost.

“Mister?” the boy said again. “Mister, you okay?”

The man looked into the boy’s eyes for the first time. Bright blue. Just like the water.

“Mister, it’s bad to be sad for too long. My mom was real sad when my daddy died. He was a soldier, ya know? But I don’t remember him much. But my mom says he was real brave. Ya know, mister, you kinda remind me of him. Like a daddy I’d want, if I had a daddy. You shouldn’t be sad, mister, ’cause I’m sure there’s a little kid out there just waiting to call you daddy, if you’d let them.”

There was a pause, as the boy seemed to sense the man’s need to let the words sink in.

“Mister.” The boy spun in the water. “My mom’s calling me for more sunscreen. But you’ll be okay, right?”

The man looked out into the ocean. “Yes, yes, I think I’ll be okay.”



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